Nick Viall's First Bachelor Promo is Here! Our Top 5 Takeaways

ABC just gave us a quick and dirty look at Nick Viall’s Bachelor debut. Here’s what we learned about season 21 from its first official promo

1. It’s going to be the sexiest season ever

Last year, ABC dubbed Bachelor Ben Higgins as “The Perfect Ben,” playing on his sweet and sensitive side. And while he gave us a few good dramz-filled episodes, we honestly wouldn’t say it was a sexy season by any means. This time around, the producers are taking things in a different direction by focusing the promo on Nick’s sex appeal and giving him a pretty risqué sell line: “Can’t wait to get some Nick.”

2. There are 30 contestants vying for Nick’s heart

The Bachelor typically features 25 to 30 ladies; we’re not at all surprised that this season is maxed out.



3. They really can’t wait to get some Nick

He’s referred to as “sexy” and “super hot,” and one contestant is so intoxicated by him she can’t even find the words. But our fave is the forthcoming babe who says “I want Nick right now….right now.” We’re getting some maj Olivia vibes from this one.

4. The abs are out

Nick showed up to Paradise this summer with a new set of rock-hard abs. He’s showcasing them again in this promo (and also all over his Insta).

5. The boy is not shy

If we’ve learned anything from Nick’s Bachelor Nation backtory, it’s that he makes a damn good first impression—and he knows it! A clip from the first cocktail party shows Nick charming the girls with a sly “I’m killin’ it!” statement—probs referring to his on-point flirting skills.

And now, for your viewing pleasure:

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