Nick Viall Is Out on DWTS: A Farewell Tour of His Worst Selfies Ever

We're bidding adieu to Nick's run on Dancing with the Stars with a look back at his questionable selfie game. (But seriously, why all the flared nostrils?!)

Oh, Nick Viall. You came into our lives on season 10 of The Bachelorette back in 2014 and now we just can’t seem to get rid of you (JK, we have a soft spot for Nick around these parts). But despite the fact that we’re always rooting for our boy to succeed in life, love and televised dancing competitions, we cannot endorse his terrible selfie game. Why is it so bad, you ask? Exhibit A: his ever-present exaggeratedly flared nostrils. Exhibit B: a set of brows that seem to think they belong to James Bond circa 1962 (they do not). And finally, exhibit C: a duck face that just won’t quit *shudder*. In honour of his departure from Dancing with the Starswhich was fertile ground for so many of his most questionable selfies—we present Nick’s worst selfies ever.

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