Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook Is Coming To Broadway

It means more of the sappy romance we know and love, but can anyone ever fill Gosling's shoes?

Nicholas Sparks' <i>The Notebook</i> Is Coming To Broadway

Photo by New Line Cinema

2004’s The Notebook is where it all began: a billion girls’ imaginary love affair with the one and only Ryan Gosling. It was his charm and good looks, alongside his chemistry with co-star (and soon-to-be girlfriend) Rachel McAdams that made this film a favourite with teenage girls everywhere and secured it a place on the list of greatest romance movies of all time. Now Nicholas Sparks, author of the book upon which the film was based, has gone on The Early Show to proclaim that his novel (turned screenplay) will be heading to Broadway sometime in the near future. All we have to say to that is “GOOD LUCK!” As if he could ever find anyone to fill our favourite heartthrob’s shoes. But if he does manage to find someone as hunky as Gosling (or maybe Gosling himself) with a beautiful singing voice to boot, we’ll happily pay through the nose for some tickets and eat our own words.

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