Has Niall Horan Out-Hotted Harry Styles & Zayn Malik?

Spoiler: YAS

Singer Niall Horan posing in a dark suit

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Woah, Nially! Anyone else still recovering from the beauty that was Niall Horan at the American Music Awards LN?

On Sunday, the 24-year-old smoke show took home the award for “best new artist,” and finally proved to the world he’s more than just a one-time member of a boy band. As you may recall, it was only ONE YEAR AGO when Horan had his first solo performance at the AMAs, and he’s come so far since his days with One Direction.

Sporting a navy plaid three-piece suit (which defo complimented his piercing blue eyes, IMO), Horan humbly accepted his AMA. “This is unbelievable. I’ve had a hell of a year. To be put in that category with some of my friends…was unbelievable enough,” Horan said.

“Fans—you guys are unbelievable. Every single time you turn out for these things, this is for you. Thank you very much.”

Uh, thank you, Horan, for becoming the 1D hottie we didn’t know we needed, and for morphing into a beautiful songbird right in front of our very eyes. While the world was all obsessed with Harry Styles and Zayn Malik, Horan persisted, quietly yet powerfully, and blossomed into an incredible solo artist. Horan believed in us before we believed in him, and now that we fully realize how ah-ma-zing he is, we will NEVER underestimate him again.

In that vein, to celebrate Horan’s best new artist win, here are reasons why the unlikely pop singer has out-hotted Styles and Malik—not to mention those two other randos from One Direction.

He’s super down-to-earth

Horan, unlike most pop stars, has legit zero attitude. It doesn’t hurt that his adorbs Irish accent makes everything he says likeable, too. When he was walking the red carpet before the AMAs, Billboard asked Horan if he had any advice for the increasingly popular K-pop group, BTS.

“Keep your head on your shoulders and don’t let it get away from you,” he said. “And make it last as long as you can.”

How humble is that?! Some other 1D members would probs have said “date as many models as possible.” *Eye roll.* 

His style is on-point

Haters of his AMA performance hat—COOL IT. Horan looked country-hipster-chic singing on stage in his wide-brimmed chapeau. On top of his growing hat collection, Horan’s style has seriously improved since leaving 1D. He nails the classic white tee look, and he looks delish in his new specs. His scruff is a treat for the eyes, too. 

Who’s ready for the @amas ?

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He is legit talented

I speak for the entire world when I say Horan continues to wow us with how freakin’ talented he actually is. While he was in One Direction, he was constantly overshadowed by Styles’s cords and Malik’s disdain for the band. Now that Horan is free, he’s churning out hit after hit, and the world is taking notice. Earlier this year, Horan won at the MMVAs for the fan-chosen “fave international artist or group,” award and took home the Teen Choice Award for “choice song” in the male artist category.

He doesn’t take himself too seriously 

Unlike Cheryl Cole-obsessed Liam Payne who takes himself so seriously now that he’s a dad la la la, Horan likes to goof around. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in October, Horan made light of his dating life, and was all LOLZ when DeGeneres tried to scare him. He also was sooo game to prank a Niall Horan impersonator on BBC radio, which is something I thoroughly enjoyed.

To conclude, this tweet summarizes my feelings perfectly:

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