Niall Horan on One Direction's New Perfume: Watch the Ad!

Niall Horan on new scent Between Us, the new album and the scent he likes on the ladies. Plus, watch the new commercial!

One Direction is giving their fans yet another reason to pine for their love. The band launched their fourth fragrance, Between Us, on June 24 and released an adorable and funny commercial that sees the boys travel to the tallest mountains and deepest oceans for the perfect ingredients. The perfume will be available in Canada on August 5th. We chatted with Niall Horan on what it smells like, what kind of scent he likes on the ladies and the band’s upcoming album.

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Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Harry Styles

This is now your fourth fragrance with the band. What was the inspiration behind this one?
We wanted to make this a little bit older, so it’s less fruity this time around.

How would you describe it? What are the key scents?
There’s flowers like freesia, and we tried to make it more sophisticated so we spiced it up. There’s some amber in there to make it a bit different.

How involved are you guys in the process of making the fragrance?
We made the decision when we made the first one that we are all going to be very involved in the making of it. Obviously we can’t get involved in the actual production of it, but there are other stages like what the box looks like, what the bottle looks like and how it comes across. We try to get involved as much as we can because it’s ultimately our product, so we want it to come from us.

Between UsWhy Between Us?
It’s one of the lyrics from one of our songs, it’s from “Spaces”, but I think it kind of puts across that it’s between our fans and us.

What type of fragrance do you like on women?
Ones that make the ladies smell like ladies, are the ones that I like.

What kind do you wear? What’s your signature scent?
I wear Hugo Boss. The one where I think it’s Ryan Reynolds in the advert.

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Niall Horan in the “Between Us” commercial

You guys are on tour right now and coming to North America soon. Do you have a favourite Canadian moment?
I remember two years ago around when we first started, on one of our first trips to Canada we went to the Much Music studios. And it’s absolute chaos. It was the first experience of kind of mania that we had. The streets were closed down, there was tons of police there. It was quite hectic. But they’re all good experiences.

You’re working on a new album right now. Are you finding time on tour to write songs and record them?
We took nine weeks out of the tour to write and record. We would write as much as we could and then record as we went. It’s been really fun. We spent most days in the studio, I’d go in the studio on my own with one of our producers or me and Louis and Liam would go in together or me and Harry. And we’d go to the studio and write as many songs as we could, obviously hoping that they’re going to be good songs. I think we feel like we’re in a good place this time around in terms of deadlines and stuff like that, because we want to bring the album out this year. So we wrote some good songs and we feel happy with it and we’re kind of just finishing up the recording of it. We just did the photo shoot for the campaign and it’s all kind of kicking off now.

How is this album going to be different from your previous album, FOUR?
Instead of having music that all sort of sounds the same, I think it’s a good body of work, is how I’d describe it. There are a lot of different styles on it and we kind of made everyone sing a little older, since we’re all growing up and our fans are growing up so we wanted to try to control that. I’ve been able to play guitar in a lot of it too so it’s been fun.

Watch theBetween Us” new fragrance commercial:

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