New Column: The Bachelorette Index, by Sharleen Joynt

The smart, sexy opera-singer from Ottawa—who appeared in Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor—ranks her three favourite contestants from this week's Bachelorette

Watching Andi Dorfman’s premiere felt stranger than expected. I vividly remember night one on our season of The Bachelor, in mid-September 2013. Andi and I were the last two girls out of the last limo, and she was my first friend in the house. We joked that we were on the same decibel, because we felt like our voices weren’t high-pitched enough for us to belong there. Who knew what the next eight months would bring?

I found the premiere of Andi’s season to be refreshingly normal. There was actual conversation, real chemistry, and a significant reduction of cheese. Chris Bukowski’s contrived drama aside, I have high hopes for authenticity this season.

My top three picks, so far:

1. Marcus, 25: Despite his age, Marcus seems to be an old soul. He’s cultured, handsome, and from Medicine Hat, Alta. I mean, come on!

2. Marquel, 26: Very cute and smooth, Marquel won me over with his cookie-tasting act. There’s something dynamic about him; an interesting balance between very confident and a little shy.

3. Nick V., 33: I love it when someone is noticeably nervous. Not only can I relate, but it reminds viewers that you’re human. Nick V. is gloriously human. He’s cute, modest, and sincere. I’m not sure I see him with Andi at the end but for now, First Impression Rose in hand, he’s a frontrunner.
Nick V

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