Nadia’s Cannes Diary: Part Two--Spotting The Future Of Cinema

Actress and first-time director Nadia Litz chronicles her week at Cannes.

Lady Gaga can play a free outdoor Croisette concert and you still have more intriguing options. That sums up the beguiling frenzy that is Cannes. 

Gaga and Woody Allen opened the festival–not as a couple of course–but Cannes whirls with a mix of glamour and strangeness, so it would not have seemed so odd if they had.

I’m perched at The Grand Hotel, where the waiter keeps buying me champagne.  Do I really wear jet-lag that well?  I can’t figure it out. At the Grand I conspicuously stare at the obscenely striking Ezra Miller (who I yearn to cast in the feature I just wrote). Ezra is the major break-out discovery of Lynne Ramsay’s polarizing film We Need To Talk About Kevin which premiered here on May 11. He and his costar–the impeccable, understatedly styled Tilda Swinton–have my vote for the ‘breathe-of-fresh-air-break-from-sequins’ fashion prize.

After describing my short film How To Rid Your Love of A Negative Emotion Caused By You! to a famed Pathé distributor he squeals–and then takes out a pen to write down the title exclaiming he “needs to see this film!”  And my work on the first night of Cannes is complete.

The next day I wake up and go grocery shopping (I’m indie – we cook whilst in Cannes) and run into Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend, style maven Amber Rose, and her assistant who are here for Kanye’s performance this weekend.   She is buying hotdogs.  I am buying yogurt.  It’s another day in the French Riviera.

I zip over to the Debussy Theatre where Gus Van Sant’s new film Restless opens Un Certain Regard. Its stars–the late Dennis Hopper’s son Henry and the gamine Mia Wasikowska—may be the future of cinema. We give the film a standing ovation.

Nadia Litz is a Canadian actress. Her directorial debut, the short How To Rid Your Love of A Negative Emotion Caused By You! is screening at Cannes. Read more of her Cannes adventures