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MTV Europe Music Awards – November 3rd, 2005

  With honours: Musician/activist Bob Geldof with his award

The soirée: Die-hard fashionistas, music junkies and pop groupies rocked and rolled at the 12th annual MTV Europe Music Awards, held in Lisbon, Portugal.

The looks: From Nelly Furtado’s leather bustier to Shakira’s embroidered frock, vivid styles were glamming the red carpet.

Hump ’n’ bump: Laughs were served straight up by host Borat Sagdiyev (Sacha Baron Cohen, formerly known as Ali G) when he hijacked the stage during The Black Eyed Peas’ performance of “My Humps.”

Mirror, mirror: Madonna proved to be the fairest of them all, emerging from a giant mirror ball sporting a purple leotard with matching leather jacket, fishnets and a rather hot bod.

Glam attendees: Brittany Murphy gleamed, Craig David chillaxed and Gael García Bernal steamed.

Win-win situation: Coldplay and Green Day were the eve’s biggest winners with two wins each. Heart of gold: Sir Bob Geldof, the pulse of Live 8 and Band Aid, was awarded the Free Your Mind award.

Photography by George Pimentel

Editor: Alexandra Breen
First Published in the February 2006 issue of Flare Magazine


Belle in the ball: Madonna opened the night with a show-stopping performance


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London calling: Coldplay’s “Speed of Sound” won Best Song and the quartet was named Best UK & Ireland Act

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Good Day: Green Day took home the Best Rock and Best Album awards

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Man of the moment: Robbie Williams rocks the Best Male Artist award

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Latin quarter: Gael García Bernal (left) and Diego Luna light up the night

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Home girl: Nelly Furtado added some Canadian flair to the eve’s lineup

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Hot shots: Craig David (left) and Shaggy share some spotlight

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Star power: Presenter Brittany Murphy supplied Hollywood glam onstage

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