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Lights. Camera. Traction
Three gripping spring flicks to see

Black Snake Moan
One of the most unconventional romance films to hit theatres this year, Black Snake Moan , from director Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow), has all the makings of a controversial hit à la Quentin Tarantino. Christina Ricci stars as Rae, a nymphomaniac found by Lazarus (played by Samuel L. Jackson), who takes her in and tries to cure her of her “illness.” Things get even steamier as Mr. SexyBack himself, Justin Timberlake (who plays Ronnie), comes in to save the day as Ricci’s love interest.
– Alexandra Breen

Fido Fido
This zom-com – aka zombie comedy – is the latest to use that handy symbol the living dead to mock the conformist tendencies of the living alive. The post-nuclear, Beaver Cleaver-perfect town Willard – all poodle skirts and pumps – is run by a corporation called ZomCon that keeps flesh eaters out and turns the ones inside into servants through handy electronic collars. Little Timmy (K’Sun Ray) needs a friend, so his mom (Carrie-Anne Moss) gets him Fido (Billy Connolly), his very own pet zombie. Things go awry when Fido’s collar malfunctions and he snacks on a neighbour, but the real bite is in the satire of domestic perfection. Written and directed by up-and-coming Canadian filmmaker Andrew Currie, Fido is the most expensive indie feature to be shot in British Columbia, with or without zombies.

The Namesake
Perhaps a slightly more literary adaptation, The Namesake comes from the novel by Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Jhumpa Lahiri. Young Gogol Ganguri (Kal Penn from Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle) carries a big burden: the collision of his New York upbringing with his family’s Calcutta past and the mama who doesn’t understand the blond girlfriend (Jacinda Barrett). Director Mira Nair (Vanity Fair, Monsoon Wedding) knows the aches and growing pains of families, and this elegant film is sure to pull, if not break, some heartstrings. 
– Katrina Onstad