MMVA Red Carpet Quotables

Lady Gaga's writing new music, The Biebs' bangs declared a national treasure, and which star thought the red carpet had too much H&M?

Photo by Keystone Press

Gaga 3.0?: Her new album Born This Way isn’t even a month old, but Lady Gaga revealed backstage she’s already started writing new material. “I’m really obsessed with songwriting right now,” she said. “I’m already writing new music.” See her seven MMVA looks here.

We Stand On Guard For Biebs: Simple Plan drummer Chuck Comeau coveted his neighbour’s follicles. “I would like to have The Biebs’ hairstyle,” he said. “That should be insured. It’s a Canadian treasure. Like The Rockies. That is why Quebec won’t separate. Because of the Biebs. They want to keep that.”

Much More Mitchell: As a Toronto local, Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell was especially honoured to be part of the awards show. “I’d always see them setting up for the MMVAs, and now I’m presenting at the MMVAs? I feel like it’s a dream.”

Shad’s Summer Job:
Critically acclaimed rapper Shad has no excuse not to work on material for his fourth album, tentatively scheduled for release next spring. “I play a few festivals here and there, but I have a lot of time off during the week,” he said. Not to mention, “there’s no basketball on TV.” He plans to go into the studio by September “unless I’m a lazy man.”

Shawn Desman Fernandes:
Video of the Year winner Shawn Desman revealed why he has a different last name than his brother, Danny Fernandes. “Fernandes is my real last name,” he said. “Desman came from a nickname my friends gave me in high school. My friends used to call me Des for short, Fernandes. And one day my friend was yelling out, ‘Hey, Des, man, let’s go!’ And I was like, ‘Desman! I like the sounds of that.’”

Worst Dressed–Everyone:
When asked whose style she’d switch with, Kat Graham, better known to fans of The Vampire Diaries as the witch Bonnie Bennett, wasn’t liking what she saw on the MMVA carpet. “I need to see more fierce bitches on this carpet if you want me to comment on that,” she said. “I need to see something better than some H&M.”

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