MMVA Countdown: Video Of The Year

Who should and who will win the Video of the Year award.

Photo by Getty Images

Canada’s most star-studded street party is only six days away. In honour of the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards, airing Sunday, June 19 at 9 PM on MuchMusic, we’re making the tough calls: predicting who will win, and who really should win.
First round: Video of The Year.
It’s slim pickings for the best Canadian video this year. Apparently the best videos in Canada come from the likes of Blake McGrath (of So You Think You Can Dance “fame”) and Danny Fernandes (younger brother of another nominee, Shawn Desman). The other best video nominees include Shawn Desman for “Electric/Night Like This,” Fefe Dobson for “Ghost,” and Down With Webster for “Whoa Is Me.” These three are tied for the most MMVAs this year, with four nominations each.
Who Should Win

Saying nothing of the song (or the wardrobe for that matter), Shawn Desman’s “Electric/Night Like This” should win for best vid. The video begins with a nerdy, but (if you remove her glasses) hot teacher marking papers. Enter Desman who woos the teacher into partaking in a sexy dance routine. Or was it all a dream? Cut to the school dance and a mandatory choreographed routine and this video has the makings of a hit. It’s fun, flashy, entertaining from start to finish and deserves to win.

Who Will Win
Fan favourite Down With Webster will win for their video “Whoa Is Me.” The video starts with the band rolling up to a red carpet surrounded by screaming fans and flashing lights. There’s a concert scene, a rock star table-flipping, drink-smashing, chest-pounding scene and the obligatory sing/rap into the camera while looking bad-ass scene. The song is catchy, the video is fun  and the boys are cute plus the band was the wildcard choice voted in by fans for the “UR FAVE artist” category. – Regan Reid