MMVA Countdown: UR FAVE International Artist

Today we look at the nominees for the UR FAVE International MMVA Award

Get your earplugs ready because in four days thousands of screaming Lady Gaga and Bruno Mars fans will flock to the MMVAs. Today we look at the UR FAVE International Artist nominees. 

Round 3: UR FAVE International Artist
This year the biggest (but maybe not the best) names in the music industry are nominated for the MMVA UR FAVE International Artist award. Miss Britney Spears was voted in as the wildcard choice by her fans for her video “Till the World Ends,” Eminem’s über-catchy “Love The Way You Lie” video featuring Rihanna was nominated, and so was Lady Gaga for “Born This Way,” Bruno Mars for “Just The Way You Are” and Selena Gomez and The Scene for “A Year Without Rain.” (Side note: Does Selena’s band name remind anyone else of Huey Lewis and The News? No?)
Who Should Win:
We all know Lady Gaga should win. This video is absolutely nuts, but in a good way! Like most of her videos, this one is virtually unexplainable. It begins with Gaga giving birth to a new race of non-judgmental, beautiful people in outer space. But some other evil people are also born on the same day in what appears to be an underworld. Lost yet? After this bizarre and graphic two minute and 30 second intro, the music starts pumping and a barely-dressed Gaga launches into some awesome (but still weird) choreographed dance sequences. Rather than ask her to explain it all, just give the Lady the award.

Who Will Win:
It’s pretty typical of the MMVAs to give awards to whichever musicians show up to the show. Since Selena Gomez is the show’s co-host, she’s probably a shoe-in. Her video is a typical desert video. She’s driving along with her band down a dusty road then gets out of the car to walk around in her flowy dress with a wind machine behind her. When she finally finds love the rain pours down on the desert and she dances around getting soaked. Get it? Because “A day without you is like a year without rain.” At least there’s no gross PDA scenes in this love song vid. – Regan Reid