MMVA Countdown: UR FAVE Artist

We give our picks for who will and who should win the UR FAVE Artist category at the MMVAs.

Photo by Getty Images

Five more days until the music industry’s best and brightest descend on Toronto for the MuchMusic Video Awards. Today we look at the UR FAVE Artist nominees.

Round 2: UR FAVE Artist.

Thankfully Canadians have slightly better options for the UR FAVE Artist category than they did for Video of The Year. For instance, the Grammy Award-winning band, Arcade Fire, are nominated for their video “The Suburbs,” Drake is up for his video “Find Your Love,” and, of course, The Biebs got a nom. He’s nominated for his video “Somebody To Love (Remix)” which features Usher. To fill out the ballot Avril is nominated for “What The Hell” and Down With Webster were voted in by fans as a wildcard choice for their video “Whoa Is Me.”

Who Should Win
This is a no-brainer. Arcade Fire won a Grammy, “The Suburbs” video is directed by Spike Jonze (director of Where The Wild Things Are) and the song is beautiful and haunting yet still somehow breezy. The video starts off on a whimsical note with friends biking around the streets of a suburb that could be anywhere in North America. But it soon takes a dark turn with shots of helicopters bombing nearby, the suburbs surrounded by barbed-wire fences and the army rounding up families. The video is intense, beautifully-shot and thought-provoking. It deserves to win.



Who Will Win
This is a toughie. Drake’s video for “Find Your Love” is hot, it tells a story (which at times is hard to understand, but whatever) and the song is super catchy. But Justin Bieber’s got big names and big budgets behind him and Down With Webster were voted in by the fans. So who knows!? Our vote is for Bieber because really, no one can stop him. He just won “Best Jaw Dropping Moment” at the MTV Movie Awards for his documentary, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never over Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning mental breakdown in Black Swan and James Franco cutting his arm off in 27 Hours! He’s on a roll. The video for “Somebody to Love (Remix)” is your typical dance video. Usher and the Biebs are dancing in a black room in front of backup dancers and bright lights and occasionally fire. Dangerous. That’s really all it takes these days. – Regan Reid