Beloved Millie Bobby Brown Just Wore THOSE Jeans

The breakout star of Stranger Things proves that to pull off Topshop's clear knee jeans you basically have to be Millie Bobby Brown. Consider yourself warned

“THE CLEAR MOM JEANS.” “The jeans with the clear in them.” “Only Millie could pull off this.”

And so the nearly 2,000 comments on Stranger Things’ breakout star Millie Bobby Brown’s Instagram post go. When Brown, 13, shared a pic of herself and Sia’s dancing alter ego Maddie Ziegler in a BFF embrace, we doubt that she meant to incite a flurry of feedback based on her choice of pants. But sporting the much talked-about Clear Knee Mom Jeans in the wild, you are going to get a reaction.

Yes this highly divisive Topshop denim design, with the inexplicably see-through panels above the knobbiest parts of your leg, is still confounding but we’re not here to drag Brown down. However, it should be noted that “pulling these off” comes with an incredibly high degree of difficulty.

Basically: Do you have 3.6 million Instagram followers, appear in a Calvin Klein campaign, keep your cool while posing with “The Best Ryan” Gosling and make everyone in the audience and watching at home get teary-eyed after delivering an emotional MTV Awards acceptance speech?

We didn’t think so.

A smarter move? Try raw hem or cropped wide-leg pair if you’re over your skinnies and want to try something new—and avoid unduly knee sweat.

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