Miley Hair Update: @Mileys_Bun Reacts

The actress/singer’s beloved bun, which she chopped off for a pixie cut, gets its very own Twitter

Photo Courtesy of @MileyCyrus

Photo Courtesy of @MileyCyrus

Photo Courtesy of @MileyCyrus

Photo Courtesy of @ChrisMcMillan

Miley Cyrus’s bun (R.I.P!) has gotten the viral Twitter treatment. The actress and singer shocked fans this week when she debuted photos of her new blonde pixie cut, with some even linking the dramatic change to a Britney Spears-style “cry for help.” But love it or hate it, the hair has got people talking – talking so much that the long-lost bun’s twitter page, which was created pre-haircut on July 28, has just reached 29,000 followers. Here are the top five tweets from @Mileys_Bun for your personal enjoyment.

@Mileys_Bun: “I’m too young to die @MileyCyrus !!!!!” (Aug 12)

@Mileys_Bun: “Yes I can tweet from the afterlife y’all. Don’t worry.” (Aug 12)

@Mileys_Bun: “I am not up for sale on Ebay nor am I up for adoption. #missindepenBUN” (Aug 12)

@Mileys_Bun: “Now I’m just some bun that you used to know…” (Aug 13)

@Mileys_Bun: “I wonder if Coney Island will take me in as part of their circus sideshow…” (Aug 14)

According to our poll, 34 per cent of you love Miley’s new hairstyle, while 35 per cent wish she hadn’t cut it and 31 per cent preferred her short blonde bob. – Christian Allaire