Miley Cyrus's Younger Now Has a Bop for *Every* Occasion

You'll definitely want to add the song 'A Week Without You' to your commute playlist, like, right now

miley cyrus winking wearing red lipstick

MILEY. IS. BACK. With her new album Younger Now (which dropped today) on repeat, it honestly feels like I’m reconnecting with the old Miley—the sweet daughter of country singer Billy Ray and the stellar voice behind total gems like “7 Things and “The Climb” (ugh, feels). The artist has been MIA since her 2013 album Bangerz, which was a shockingly different sound from the country/pop crossovers she had turned out for years. Suddenly, America’s sweetheart was in the nude, swinging on a wrecking ball and licking a sledgehammer, and I think I speak for all of us when I say: WTF was that?

BUT, I come bearing great news: It seems Cyrus has truly hit her stride with this latest album. Younger Now has 11 songs—one of which features Cyrus’s godmother and country qween Dolly Parton—and every single tune reminds me of Cyrus’s traditional singer-songwriter vibe.

Not only does Miley sound dreamy, but Younger Now is chock full of variety, with the perfect song for any and every activity.

Song: “Younger Now”
Activity: Every shower you take, from now until forevermore

The chorus is a classic belter-outer (“NOOO ONE STAYS THE SAAAME”)  and those “woah-oahs” simply slay. Groove to this jam while you’re washing, rinsing and repeating, and exit your shower feeling so much younger, now.

Song: “Malibu”
Activity: Driving on the highway (*roll all those windows down*)

This is the clear choice for your solo-driving karaoke sessions, though it will also do nicely when your car is full of pals. I don’t care if it’s -20 C (as it will be shortly, I’m sure)—FOR THE NEXT TWO MINUTES, YOUR CAR IS IN MALIBU, DAMMIT.

Song: “Rainbowland”
Activity: Drinking with your roommates

10/10 can guarantee this is the song my friends will pretend not to like (because country, ick!), but when we’ve all had one (or four), this will be the tune we know word. for. word.

Song: “A Week Without You”
Activity: Travelling to work

The heavy and steady drum beat in this bop will be perfect for blocking out your standard 8:00 a.m. encounters (read: catcalling construction workers and wailing babies). Match your step to the beat and freakin’ strut like the boss you are.

Song: “Miss You So Much”
Activity: Cooking dinner 

No one else is home? Throw on this super sappy song and let yourself FEEL IT. Belt it while you chop veggies, check on your chicken and pile dishes in the sink—you know you wanna.

Song: “I Would Die For You”
Activity: Grocery shopping 

“I am yours and you are mine,” croons Cyrus. I’m quite sure she’s talking about beau Liam Hemsworth, but you can pretend she’s talking about the $9 freshly-squeezed green juice you just put in your cart, but definitely cannot afford.

Song: “Thinkin'”
Activity: Arm day at the gym 

This is the sassy, girl-power anthem my gym playlist has been waiting for! The repetition in the chorus (“you won’t pick up the phone, phone, phone…”) is perf for keeping your reps in steady time.

Song: “Bad Mood”
Activity: Powering through emails, first thing Monday morning 

What’s up with people sending you stuff on your days off? May as well just lean into your sh-tty Monday a.m. mood with this one. Crank it so you can’t hear the morning people around you, cheerfully talking about their weekends.

Song: “Love Someone”
Activity: Preparing for something that freaks you out

Big interview? Pivotal exam? Conversation you’ve been avoiding? Throw this on and let the lyrics about Cyrus speaking her truth inspire you to kick some ass.

Song: “She’s Not Him”
Activity: Sombrely looking out of the window of a car when it’s raining

K, don’t kid yourself—we all did this when we were young and angsty. Rain takes on a whole new meaning once you’ve seen enough early-2000s music videos, and this song is great for pretending you’re in one of them.

Song: “Inspired”
Activity: Whenever you need inspiration, for real

Miley truly belts these lyrics (#ShesStillGotIt) and the underlying violin gives the song a melodic, motivational vibe. Play this track whenever you’re feeling down, and you’ll be reminded that if Miley could figure things out, so can you.

miley cyrus leaning on knees in malibu music video

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