Miley Cyrus Would Like To Know Why #RIPMileyCyrus Is Trending

Miley Cyrus is not mad at K-Pop. Repeat: Miley Cyrus is NOT mad at K-Pop.

Everyone needs to calm right down with all the wishing death upon Miley Cyrus. First of all, that’s not cool—life is precious. Second of all, bitch didn’t even do anything!

We woke up this morning to find #RIPMileyCyrus trending on Twitter so we scrolled through the hate (and confusion—there were a lot of “wait, what happened!?” tweets, too) to figure out what she’d done to piss off Nicki Minaj this time. The perceived slight: she dissed k-pop. Yes, ALL of k-pop. Quotes being attributed to her include: “K-pop is only known in Asia,” “can’t sing,” and “got no talent.”

But here’s the thing, she didn’t say any of it. Like, none. It was one of her fans.


The truth is, Miley is practically squad with reigning k-pop queen CL. Both are buds with Jeremy Scott and they appeared together in his movie, Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer.

Do these two look like they hate each other? No.

Do these two look like they hate each other? No. No, they don’t. (Source: tumblr)

So, let’s not blame Miley for something some random 12-year-old troll said. She def hearts “Hello Bitches” as much as we do.

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