Hallelujah! Looks Like Meghan Markle's Favourite Toronto Resto Has Multiple Locations

We're not talking about Flock...

Once upon a time, honestly not too long ago, there was a princess-to-be in pair of Rag & Bone pyjama pants teaching FLARE how to make her famous apple butter toast. And you can bet we’re still dining out on that story, y’all.

We’re *also* still dining out at most of Meghan Markle‘s favourite restaurants in Toronto and Montreal. Before the self-described foodie scrubbed all traces of her social media presence—on Instagram, Twitter and her now defunct food and lifestyle destination site The Tig—we screen-grabbed every time she snapped a photo at several notable hot spots when she was living in the Annex and filming Suits. (You’re very welcome.)

A few things stand out: for starters, Markle LOVES Flock Rotisserie + Greens (it might have something to do who she dated shortly before Prince Harry, or the more obvious fact that she’s a big fan of roast chicken), but she’s also partial to the quinoa-battered onion rings at Fresh. She can’t resist a sandwich piled high with toppings (same), and rather than trying out whatever new, hot resto just opened up, it looks like she’s pretty loyal to just a handful of places. The latter makes her all the more endearing, to be quite frank.

If you too fancy yourself a bit of foodie, or just like scrolling through some royally good food pics, consider this your unofficial guide to a food crawl fit for a queen.


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