Meghan Markle Will Spend Christmas Day With the Queen. Here's What Will (Likely) Go Down

If you thought shopping for your famjam was tough, imagine what Meghan Markle is going through rn

meghan markle prince harry spending christmas with queen

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We can’t get enough of the newest royal engagement between bad-boy-turned-beau Prince Harry and ex-Toronto resident Meghan Markle. That’s why we were simply tickled to hear that Markle has been invited to spend Christmas Day with Prince Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, at her private estate in Norfolk. But what does Christmas with the royals look like? 

For starters, the couple—set to marry in May 2018 at Windsor Castle—will partake in the longstanding royal tradition of attending Christmas mass at St. Mary Magdalene Church on the morning of December 25. The Duke (a.k.a. Prince William) and Duchess (a.k.a. Kate Middleton) of Cambridge, as well as their children, will also celebrate Christmas at Norfolk, so it will be a *true* fam affair. #RoyaltyGoals

The itinerary for the rest of the day includes a lunch at Sandringham House (the Queen’s private residence), after which everyone gathers ’round to watch the Queen’s annual pre-recorded Christmas Day address on the telly. After that, there’s a brief afternoon tea and then everyone takes a break to decompress.

In case you’re wondering how the HECK this all leaves time for presents, don’t worry! The group will actually exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, as German tradish dictates (there’s a long line of German heritage in British royalty, dontchaknow). If you thought shopping for your famjam was tough, imagine what Meghan Markle is going through rn.

We’ve heard rumours that the Queen’s guilty pleasures include chocolate (same), drinks involving gin and champagne (duh), as well as biscuits (#WeAreAllTheQueen). Maybe Markle could start there and work her way up?

It may not feel like Markle’s attendance at the Queen’s Christmas is a big deal, but it totally is. According to PeopleMarkle is the first fiancée to spend Christmas Day with the royals. Even Prince William and Kate spent Christmas in 2010 apart, despite announcing their engagement one month earlier.

If you need us, we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what Markle pulls out of her closet for the big day. Her outfit will no doubt be a lesson in holiday dress, plus she’ll likely wear Canadian—guaranteeing some lucky designer(s) a very happy holiday indeed.

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