The BTS Vid from Harkle's First Interview Will Make You Believe in Love

Dead for them, hbu?

In case you needed a reason to ship these two a little more, a Meghan Markle-Prince Harry behind-the-scenes video from their first interview as a couple is here to kill you dead. There’s magic between these two newly-engaged lovebirds and it’s enough to make the most cynical among us turn into the sappiest believers. Here for it!

I mean, as if they are this freakin’ adorable on effing mute! (Sadly, the 21-second clip has no sound.) But it doesn’t even matter! They are so obviously enraptured with one another that their smokin’ hot chemistry literally sears the screen (so much so, I’m sure we’ll find out in nine months that a record number of babies were conceived on November 27).

The way they gaze at each other and grin over their sweet little memories is enough to make a person gag but instead I’m sitting here with a burning desire to write a love song and roll in a field full of puppies. And how the supremely polished and well-spoken future member of the royal fam gets goofy with her man, even seemingly poking fun at his stiff arm movements?! Just toe tag and body bag me, amiright?

*Books off all of April 2018 for Harkle Wedding Watch*

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