We're Dying to Know: What's on Meghan Markle's Phone?

We're guessing that contacts list is *next level*

Meghan Markle in Season 5 of Suits sits on a bench holding her phone

Meghan Markle in Season 5 of Suits (Photo: Getty)

Royals, they really are just like us—at least in the way that they’re addicted to their phones. The latest social media fiend to be caught in the act? HRH the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan’s Mirror—the get-her-look website run by Vancouverite Amanda Dishaw—pointed out that Meghan Markle has been holding on to her phone while on tour in Australia with her hubs. While not alarming or anything, the photos were somewhat surprising, because… is that even allowed? We have to admit that we assumed Markle just has someone make her calls for her now—or, like a literal Disney princess, just says stuff aloud and has it appear?

Markle isn’t by any means the first royal to be spotted embracing the age of technology, but the glimpse of her holding the latest Apple gadget (we assume it’s an iPhone X, right?), has us wondering what she’s so attached to. Couple-y photos with Harry? Snapchat streaks with Kate? A Candy Crush score that’s royally out of this world? This is a passcode we’re actually dying to know (looking at you, Ye).

Below, a very thorough investigation into everything we imagine on the Duchess’s phone.

HRH’s #Finsta account

Let’s be real: You *know* Meghan has a Finsta. While the Duchess shut down all of her social media accounts prior to her marriage to Prince Harry—including her lifestyle blog The Tig—we’re betting there’s a secret Meghan Markle Insta account out there somewhere. Because old habits die hard, baby. And how else is a digitally savvy, fashion-forward, used-to-be-actress supposed to check up on her friends’ engagements and flat lays? Used by too-cool-for-school teens and celebs alike (Kendall Jenner uses hers to check up on exes!), Finstas are a secondary, secret, unfiltered Instagram oasis where account owners can post more personal photos and content to a very curated selection of followers.

And it wouldn’t be *completely* out of character for a royal: Meg could be taking cues from her hubby. Prince Harry—always one to keep it cool with the kids—was suspected to have a Finsta of his own. According to The Daily Beast, HRH operated a very risqué Facebook account under the name of “Spike Wells” until he closed it down in 2012. No, it wasn’t a volleyball appreciation account but, tbh, that was a missed opportunity.

So what could we expect from HRH’s secret ’gram? Lots of #OOTD shots (à la Blake Lively on her press tours), some loved-up shots of her home life with Prince Harry and LOTS of royal bb bump photos, we imagine.

Followers: Jessica Mulroney, Patrick J. Adams, Princess Eugenie and HRH Queen Lizzie (because she DEFS has a Finsta. @corgis4life, anyone?)

Pending Approval: Samantha Markle, Drake


Dressing is hard, especially when your stylist/bestie lives halfway across the world. And while Markle has always been known for her trend-setting style, it can’t hurt to have a little help, especially when navigating different climates while travelling. Taking cues from Cher Horowitz’s Clueless closet , Finery.com is an app that curates what you own and what you want to buy, helping you plan and choose outfits at the click of a button! Not only is it run by badass multi-hyphenate women, but it’s seriously stylish and easy. With this app, Markle and her BFF Jessica Mulroney could collab on her maternity style from across the pond. (Just think of how easy Mia Thermopalous’s Princess Diaries transformation would have been with the help of this app!)

Those long-lost honeymoon photos

One of our generation’s greatest mysteries: Where did Harkle go on their honeymoon?! For weeks leading up to their May 2018 wedding, rumours swirled around which locale the jet-setting duo would choose for their romantic getaway. The couple were said to be debating between a mini-moon in Ireland (their schedules are jam-packed), an adventurous vacay in the Canadian mountains and a low-key return to Botswana. While we don’t truly know where they ended up, our money’s on Africa. The couple are known to have an affinity for the continent, having made some super-romantic memories there early in their relationship. And can you imagine the gorgeous safari selfies probably just sitting on Meg’s iPhone, waiting to be posted? Meg in monochrome khaki! Meg and Harry in matching safari hats! Harry most likely, probably, definitely sunburnt! The world deserves to see those photos, it’s only one AirDrop away.

Until we get the real thing, we’ll just have to settle for these stills of Matt Smith as Prince Philip and Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth on safari, compliments of The Crown—pretty much the same thing, right?

Candy Crush

Seriously, NO ONE CAN ESCAPE THAT GAME. Also, great entertainment for the in-transit lull between royal engagements.

Decidedly *not* on her phone: Find My Friends

Not only is this app just a little creepy in general, but Meg definitely has reason to switch it firmly to OFF: her family. We would straight-up not put it past Samantha Markle to be checking in on the mama-to-be, and with her uninvited jaunt across the pond, and recent (unannounced) trip to Kensington Palace to allegedly make amends with her stepsister, it’s safe to say HRH *probably* won’t be sharing her location anytime soon.

But maybe she could just share it with us?


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