Who Knew Meghan Markle Loves a Good Pun?

Or cracking a few jokes about her unofficial second home Canada...

Meghan Markle is many things: smart, talented, philanthropic, gorgeous and also pretty darn funny.

We got a glimpse into just how playful she can be when she gifted us that adorable first post-engagement interview with her prince that made us believe in love again. Watching her reminisce about how Harry popped the question over roast chicken, laugh about meeting the Queen’s corgis and just generally goof around with her partner showed us that she is in fact a total ham.

If that isn’t enough to convince you that she’s a bit of a royal court jester, we’ve screen-grabbed a few humdingers from her Instagram—shortly before she deleted all traces of her social media accounts—particularly every time she cracked a wee joke about Canada during the years when she lived in Toronto while filming Suits.

What can we say about her humour? It’s sometimes subtle, but more often than not it edges ever closer into dad-joke territory. She must get it from her papa—yes, he of the Images of Britain-reading fame, so earnest as he casually flicks through a pictorial tour of the kingdom his daughter is set to join that we still can’t tell if he’s playing us for fools or just that into castles and the countryside. Bless.


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