Meet the New Mexican Bond Girl, Stephanie Sigman

The Narcos actress chats about bonding with Bond and the strong-ass ladies on her CV

Stephanie Sigman

Stephanie Sigman attends the Premiere of the Americas in Mexico City for SPECTRE at Auditorio Nacional (Photo: Courtesy of Belvedere)

It is one of the most exciting parts of watching any new 007 film—who will be joining the hallowed pantheon of Bond Girls? SPECTRE features a rich roster of intriguing, international choices, including Léa Seydoux, the fashion muse and edgy star of Blue Is The Warmest Colour; the ever-gorgeous Monica Bellucci (who, at 50 years old, is the oldest-ever Bond vixen); and Narcos star Stephanie Sigman, the first Mexican Bond Girl. Sigman has more than Bond under her belt: she is also the new face of Belvedere vodka (and is starring in a Bond-themed campaign for the brand this fall); starring in the upcoming second season of John Ridley’s anthology drama, American Crime; and appearing in a new Bruce Willis comedy. We jaunted down to Mexico City for the Americas premiere of SPECTRE to learn all about the newest Bond Girl and face of Belvedere.

Your Bond Girl emerges during the opening scene, set during the Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico City. How did the elaborate costume help you convey your character?
It’s pretty rad. They made a dress for me and I also wear flowers in my hair, and the [Day of the Dead] mask is, really, the character itself. And that’s what helps me a lot, plus the makeup. It’s always the wardrobe and the makeup and hair and accessories that makes us actors be more comfortable with getting into character.

Finally, a Mexican Bond Girl! Why is this happening at last?
Right now in the world we live in, we need variety in the movies—we need to relate to those characters so I think it’s amazing that they have a French actress, an Italian actress, a Mexican actress; like, we’re from all over the place! Plus the female characters in this film are so strong and so independent so I was so surprised in the best way.

SPECTRE Cast and Crew

President, Motion Picture Group, MGM, Jonathan Glickman; Producer Michael G. Wilson; Monica Bellucci; Sam Smith; Stephanie Sigman; Daniel Craig; Sam Mendes; Léa Seydoux; Dave Bautista; Barbara Broccoli; and Chairman and CEO of MGM, Gary Barber attend the Premiere of the Americas for SPECTRE at Auditorio Nacional (Photo: Courtesy of Belvedere)

You’ve played a lot of strong women this year, from the ambitious journalist Valeria in Narcos to this sassy Bond Girl. Are playing these types of parts important to you?
Valeria, the character in Narcos, was so important for me as a woman and in my career, because before that, I was playing characters more on the “girl” side of things, rather than a “woman,” per se, so this one was a big change for me. I was exploring more my sexy, seductive side, and also my powerful side, because it’s a very powerful character so it was a challenge, definitely. Also the Columbian accent! It was really interesting to play this character because it’s inspired by a real person so I was not only studying the Columbian culture, but also watching her videos and commercials, because she was a big celebrity back in the ’80. And the clothes. Oh my god, the make-up, the hair, it was a whole process to get there. I was wearing these acrylic nails, super-long, and I couldn’t do anything with them the first couple of days.

You’ve said that you had great chemistry with Daniel Craig—what specifically made it so amazing?
It was just fun: we were really working for the scene and he was really there. Sometimes you work with people that are just “I’m doing my job then I’m going get out of here,” but he really cares, and he should, because he’s James Bond (laughs).

Bond is such a macho guy and you’ve played opposite some very strong guys before—is that your type? Or what kind of dude do you go for?
Well, definitely it’s closer to James Bond than Pablo Escobar! I don’t have a type, though: it’s all about energy and chemistry.

The Belvedere campaign you’re starring in is also very sultry. How did you enjoy portraying that character?
I loved it. I was like, “I look like this every day, right, in the morning?” (laughs) I felt really sexy and I also like the fact that in the commercial, I’m by myself in a bar ordering a cocktail, a martini. That martini, you know? It says a lot. I actually go out a lot by myself if I want to, but there’s not a lot of people that do; sometimes you feel weird going out by yourself. But I think that says a lot and I love that.

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