Meet Mad Men Star Jessica Paré

The Montreal native on her latest career high

Photo courtesy AMC

It’s been over a year since Jessica Paré’s Megan Calvet agreed to marry Jon Hamm’s Don Draper. But Mad Men fans haven’t forgotten the 28-year-old Montreal brunette, regularly stopping her on the street to talk office politics at Sterling Cooper, the sleek ’60s ad agency at the heart of the critically adored drama.

“There’s so much between the lines, every audience member brings some interpretation to what’s going on,” she previously told Flare of the series, which has won seven Emmys since debuting in 2007. “And I often feel like talking to people about the show, you’re actually learning more about the person.”

The public, in turn, has gotten to know Paré in well-regarded indie films such as Denys Arcand’s Stardom and Hollywood blockbusters such as Wicker Park with Josh Hartnett. After struggling with the peaks and valleys of Hollywood, she’s excited to be holding her own with Mad Men success stories such as January Jones and Christina Hendricks.  “It doesn’t just take one big break,” she says. “It takes one after another.”

Mad Men returns with its fifth season on Sunday, March 25.

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