Meet The Bachelorette Canada’s Jasmine Lorimer

The Bachelorette Canada premieres tomorrow night on W Network, and we’ve got the inside scoop on the dramz-filled season from the Bachelorette herself

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Bachelorette Jasmine Lorimer and her Chris Harrison equivalent, Noah Cappe

Jasmine Lorimer—a.k.a the Canadian version of the franchise’s very first Bachelorette—is a true B.C babe and has the cool-girl personality to match. Working as a hairstylist in Whistler, Lorimer is an adventure-seeking gal with maaaaajor love for the outdoors. (Check out her Instagram to see what we mean.) We sat down with Lorimer and Bachelorette Canada host Noah Cappe to chat all things Bachelor Nation—including their thoughts on Nick Viall as the next Bachelor, why this might be the best and most mature season of The Bachelorette yet, and why Lorimer is nervous to watch it all on TV.

Okay, first things first: how were you chosen to as The Bachelorette Canada’s leading lady, and why did you decide to do it?

Jasmine Lorimer:  A friend of mine called me one night and said her cousin, who is a casting assistant for the production company behind the show, had seen a picture of me that she had liked. I ended up going and meeting the producers, we got along well and like six weeks later off we were. It was kind of a last-minute thing. At the beginning I was a little bit skeptical. But I had also just moved to this small town and had no idea how I was ever going to meet anyone. I was so happy with where I was at, and I wanted to have someone to share that with. So it was perfect timing.

How does it feel to be the first Bachelorette Canada?

JL: I feel extremely lucky. There’s a little bit of pressure but I’m happy to take that on; I think I did the best job that I could to put myself out there and be honest. And I hope people see that and can relate to it and enjoy it.

Going into the show, how would you have described your perfect guy?

JL: I was trying not to do that. Normally I would want someone who’s adventurous, someone I can have fun with, who I can laugh with and talk to forever, even if it’s about nothing. So going into the show I obviously wanted those things to be there but I also wanted to push away any previous [preconceptions of the] types of guys that I would have normally chosen. I wanted to do this authentically and just experience every guy.

First impressions mean everything in the Bachelor/ette world—so what were your first impressions of the guys on that first night?

JL: I was really impressed, they were all so kind and personable and none of them seemed nervous.

Noah Cappe: I just love the diversity. Canada’s an amazing place because it’s so multicultural and not only does this group of guys fall into that category but also in terms of their jobs, in terms of where they live, it’s just such a mish-mash of people and personalities.

Another thing Bachelor Nation is obsessed with is drama. Are we in for a dramatic season?

NC: I was doing some voiceovers and I know that I recorded “The most dramatic season in Bachelorette history” and there wasn’t a part of me that thought, This line is not applicable.

JL: I think it’ll be really interesting for people to watch what’s maybe a more mature version of the show, because everyone was so open and open to analyzing themselves.

Are you ready to watch it all unfold this fall? 

JL: I’m a bit nervous because I put myself out there so much; I think that even my friends who have known me for years are going to learn things about me that they never knew. And also, [in terms of watching how the guys interact when she’s not around] what if those people that I really connected with are not the people that I thought they were? I won’t know until I’m watching the show, which is kind of crazy.

NC: Also, there’s so much of the show that unfolds that Jasmine’s not apart of. So she’s going to be watching this season the same way I am, the same way all the fans are, seeing everything for the first time in a lot of ways.

If it were me, I’d def be freaking out about seeing any ugly crying scenes or awkward makeouts.

JL: Those are the two things that I’m definitely most nervous about in terms of awkwardness! I just hope that it’s not gross when I’m making out with someone. We saw a little bit of the promo and there’s some crying scenes [laughs], but it looks like I cover my face a lot or turn my head down so hopefully I do that every time, [otherwise] we’ll see how much of an ugly crier I am.

How do you think the The Bachelorette Canada differs from the American version?

NC: This show is at a point now where there are certain things that as a viewer you expect and want to see happen. Whether it’s certain formalities in the way the rose ceremony unfolds, or the group dates and one-on-one dates, the terminology that you come to know and expect from the show. So it’s got all the American components. I’m biased, but I feel like ours is even better. Because our country is so beautiful, the places we get to showcase, but more importantly because of Jasmine. I think audiences are going to connect with her because this isn’t a person who went out of her way to try to get on television, somebody found her and took this real person and offered her this awesome opportunity. And the country will love watching it happen because it’s real.

Can you talk a little about the places you travel to this season?

NC:  The lineup is amazing. It’s a supercool mix of exotic and tropical locations, places that are just so off the grid.

Other than some cool new experiences, and hopefully a hunky fiancé—what else have you gained from this experience? 

JL: I felt like I really got to know myself. And that sounds corny but when you’re spending so much time talking about how this made you feel and how that made you feel, and you’re basically jamming five years of dating into two months, you learn a lot. I feel like dating in general is a really good way to figure yourself out because you go through the highs and lows, the pain and the happiness. So I feel like I learned a ton about myself in that way—what I want, what I need and what’s going to make me happy in a relationship.

On a different note, were you happy with your clothes?

JL: I loved them. The show stylist, Janine Metcalfe, was the best. She actually looked through all my Instagram photos and got what my personal style was, we made a Pinterest board, and then she went out and bought all these clothes. We honestly probably spent like 16 hours or more trying on stuff, and anything that I didn’t like or that wasn’t really me, we just wouldn’t include. She really tried to match my style—kind of bohemian mixed with some rock.

Are there any specific designers you really loved that we can look forward to seeing you in on the show?

JL: All the rose ceremony dresses were fun. There’s a Vancouver-based company called Truvelle, that does wedding dresses but it has some that aren’t super bridal looking, and I wore two of those.

What’s your go-to boutique when you’re in Van? 

JL: Jackson Rowe: it’s bohemian but also a bit West Coast-y. Whenever I go in there, I’m just like “get me everything!”

Jasmine's fave Vancouver shop, Jackson Rowe (Photo: Instagram.com/ jasmine.lorimer)

Jasmine’s fave Vancouver shop, Jackson Rowe (Photo: Instagram.com/jasmine.lorimer)

Was there a past Bachelorette that you looked to for inspiration during your own season?

JL: It sounds like I’m being biased because they’re Canadian, but I really liked Jillian Harris and Kaitlyn Bristowe because I just felt like they had the best personalities. They’re both so funny and entertaining and I think that’s maybe just a Canadian girl thing.

What about past Bachelors—if you could go on a one-on-one with any of them, who would it be?

JL: I like Nick Viall.

Are you as stoked as we are that he’s the next Bachelor?

JL: I really like him. He’s kind of dorky and he might have been painted as a bit of a villain in the past, but I think he’s smart and he seems funny and interesting. I don’t know if Noah would agree? [laughs].

NC:  He seems to be the type of person that you can ask 10 people [what they think about him] and you’ll get five that love him and five that feel like he rubs them the wrong way. But that’s the beauty of the show right? You watch the show for the people that you don’t like as much as the people that you do like.

Well, we guarantee you’ll be watching Jasmine’s season out of love, not hate—the girl is a freaking delight. The Bachelorette Canada airs Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. EST on W Network. Hit up our Twitter as we live-tweet each episode, then check out FLARE.com every Wednesday for Sharleen Joynt’s recap. Happy viewing!

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