May Horoscope


With both fiery Mars and sensuous Venus igniting your sign, parlay all your personal punch this month, in and out of the boardroom. At the very least, you’ll make a smashing entrance at all those functions, from brunch to meet-and-greets. But Mercury back-shifting through your financial sector will run you down unless you cut down on spending. It’s time to toe the credit line for a while.

A great divide yawns in your split personality. Your private life is in a tizzy as Mercury wings backward. Make sure you mean—and remember—all promises and commitments. Any duplicity will come back to haunt you. Meanwhile, you’re all smiles and confidence as you glad-hand your way around the social circuit. Just don’t overload your plate, as somewhere there’s an altruistic cause that really needs you.


The power planets rock your house of shared resources and intimacy. Should you lay it all on the line in money or love? A better approach would be to wait until you really understand the game. Listen to your best buds; anything (or anyone) that seems too good to be true undoubtedly is. But you’re poised to make a big move for the better in your career—and that you can take to the bank.

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No more autographs! Show you can be a star player through your actions, not your press conferences. Still, since everyone wants you on their team, you can afford to be discerning. Where you’ll dazzle most is any group you belong to outside the office. But should you take a shine to someone new, take it slow and ask questions—you’ll find the hype is just that.



Feeling stretched? You spread yourself too thin by trying to be all things to all people all the time. With Mercury’s backslide this month, it’s time to regroup. Shore up your status or integrity and clear the backlog of undone stuff. Look forward to collecting on that good karma you’ve banked. Let folks you’ve helped repay you—your bank account will thank you.



The lusty month lives up to its rep, what with Venus and Mars canoodling. Passion seems to infuse every aspect of your life, which could mean you’re the hottest thing going at work. Good for you; at last you’re emboldened to go after what you think you want. But resist the urge to issue any premature invites to inhabit your castle in the air. It’ll only bring you down to earth, and quickly.



Where’s the fire? All around you, it seems. Just don’t be bamboozled into thinking you’re the only one who can (and should) put out every blaze. Pick both your battles and projects carefully at work during this high-powered month. An urge toward self-improvement is also ignited—and, as always, you do nothing by halves. Which is good, because it’s about time you exercised something besides your libido.


Time to listen up—the less said, the better. Otherwise, you’ll simply hurtle into conclusions from which it will be difficult to extricate yourself. But you will navigate this month in style; just temper your brutal honesty with some tact. Meanwhile, retreat for a little inner searching. The big reveal: “soul” and “mate” need not be separate compartments in your life.



Go ahead and reach for the stars, but you may have to come off that high horse to do so. You can, and will, impress the higher-ups this month, which could lead to a raise or a promotion. But touting your virtues may turn them right off. And that guy you’ve been mooning over for so long? If you can drop the aloof facade, he just might saddle up the white charger and come calling.


Someone thinks he’s got your number. It may take awhile to figure out if the connection is real, as most relationships need to go through a testing phase. But if you’re ready to meet someone new, romance can appear in the oddest places and with little effort on your part. Postpone that home reno for now, as you may not have all your ducks—or figures—in a row.


With your imagination in hyperdrive, you don’t know whether to be inspired or medicated. Pay attention to those vivid dreams, as they can provide the key to your true path in life. But with so much he said/she said floating around the family grapevine, you could lose your mind. Stay out of the petty stuff and focus on the projects that are near bearing fruit.



By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan.

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