These 37 Unsolved Mariah Carey Mysteries Will Blow Your Mind

Mariah Carey is one of the great pop stars of our time, but she definitely puts the elusive in The Elusive Chanteuse. In honour of the premiere of her new "docuseries" Mariah's World and holiday makeup collection for M.A.C, we've rounded up 37 of the most pressing Mimi mysteries for your puzzling pleasure

She’s been belting hits to number one since 1990, yet Mariah Carey remains tantalizingly cloaked in mystery. In celebration of the premiere of Mariah’s World and hew new M.A.C makeup collection, we delve into 37 mysteries of The Elusive Chanteuse (naming herself The Elusive Chanteuse is the 38th mystery).

(Source: twitter.com/mariahcarey)

(Source: twitter.com/mariahcarey)

Her taste in men
With an ex list that includes record mogul Tommy Mottola, Yankees slugger Derek Jeter, America’s Got Talent co-host Nick Cannon and most recently Australian financier James Packer, Mariah has no discernible “type” except for, of course, the fabulously wealthy. But that’s everyone’s type.

Why she wanted an “inconvenience fee” paid to her by her ex-fiancé James Packer
It is whispered that Mariah demanded a $50 million parting gift from the billionaire following their broken engagement.

How Scientology may have prevented her marriage
According to TMZ, Mariah blamed former Scientology spokesperson Tommy Davis for getting in James’s ear and talking him out of the marriage.

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

Why her kids are named Moroccan and Monroe
Well, we know WHY they are named Moroccan and Monroe—Monroe is named after Mariah’s hero, Marilyn Monroe, and their father, Nick Cannon, proposed to Mariah in her penthouse’s “Moroccan room.” But why did they think those were names?

…and why she gave her Jack Russell terriers equally sublime names.
Her eight pups are named Cha Cha, Jackie Lambchops, Jill E. Beans, Squeak E. Beans, JJ, Pipitty L. Jackson, Mutley P. Gore Jackson and, arguably most amazing, The Good Reverend Pow Jackson.

Why her dog has a private jet
According to the Daily Mail, Mariah’s first Jack Russell terrier, Jack, used to fly solo on a private jet. He’s been known to travel from New York to L.A. to keep up with her bicoastal lifestyle.

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

What’s up with her dog-salon addiction
As of 2014, her annual bill for salon treatments for her dogs was $46,000.

Her age
Was Mariah born in 1969, making her 47, or 1970, making her 46? For the record, Mariah herself says she doesn’t celebrate birthdays—only what Nick Cannon called “anniversaries of the date she appeared.”

Why she brought 27 pieces of luggage on a three-day trip
When she performed on The X Factor in London in 2008, she brought more suitcases than most of us will ever own in a lifetime.

Why she smelled her boob sweat on Larry King
She was, apparently, checking to see if she was wearing her fragrance, Forever.

Why she won’t accept that Regina George is not real
Mariah, a noted Mean Girls fan, once asked Rachel McAdams to call her for her birthday because she loved her Mean Girls character so much. Rachel agreed, but when she called, Mariah hung up. Rachel was told to call Mariah back in character as Regina George. And scene.

Why she never stood up on American Idol
Even when Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson all enthusiastically leapt to their feet, Mariah would stay in her seat, except for that time that she threw glitter on Candice Glover.

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

How all that money can’t buy her good PhotoShop
Is that mirror by her right shoulder slanted or are we Inception-ing?

WTF is up with her signature (albeit made-up) colour
Mariah has been obsessed with the not-a-colour “pink-yet-lavender” ever since her friend Rachel’s daughter came up with the trailblazing hue. In 2013 she used it as the inspo for one of her OPI nail polish shades. And that’s pretty much the only way you can wear pink-yet-lavender because it doesn’t exist.

Her Hello Kitty collection
Eleven years ago, when Mariah was in her mid-30s, she owned at least this much Hello Kitty stuff.


Whether she was making fun of herself or not in Pop Star
Did Mariah know it was funny when she said she related to the song “I’m So Humble” because “I’m probably the most humble person that I know”? Probably! But we have doubts.

How she catastrophizes situations out-loud and it’s still fierce AF
Like that time she stopped her concert in Toronto in 2010 because there was a “stiletto-sized hole” in the stage.

Why she listened to her own music during childbirth
We suppose if you’re going to scream at the top of your lungs, the best soundtrack is you screaming at the top of your lungs.

(Source: giphy.com)

(Source: giphy.com)

What was up with that sexual chemistry with Justin Bieber in his cover of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”
They are clearly both into it, because of course they are.

“The purple diet”
Was the rumour that Mariah was on an exclusively “purple” diet, only eating purple food such as grapes, cabbage and eggplant tabloid fantasy, Mariah trickery, or…the truth??? The government does not want you to know!

Her new diet
Mariah recently said her diet now consists of just two foods every day: Norwegian salmon and capers.

How she got so good at baseball
Nailed it.

Trying to make #pow happen
Irritating the heartland as a judge on American Idol, the highest compliment Mariah would bestow were the words “hashtag pow,” whatever that meant. It mostly showed up on social media as “Mariah, stop saying hashtag pow.”

“Not knowing” who J.Lo is
Now considered a master class in shade, Mariah replied to an interview question about Jennifer Lopez’s music by saying, “I don’t know her” then shaking her head and smiling. When asked about it by Watch What Happens Live’s Andy Cohen, she cleared it up by saying, “I don’t know her.”

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

…but knowing Santa Claus…

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

…and the Easter Bunny

Why “All I Want For Christmas Is You” isn’t in Mariah’s A Christmas Melody
The Hallmark movie that marked Mimi’s directorial debut is implicitly linked to her perennial holiday favourite. And yet the only Mariah song in the movie is the newer Christmas non-classic “Oh Santa!” Even more mysteriously, Mariah’s character doesn’t even sing.

…and why Lacey Chabert was billed as “co-starring” with Mariah
Because, based on this scene, it’s plausible that the two have never met.

How she actually killed it in Precious in a serious role…and then never acted in a real movie again (sorry, A Christmas Melody)
Like, she’s actually really good, you guys.

The many ways Mariah is having a “moment”
Because you never know when you are going to have a “transitional summer moment.”

Whether or not she is an actual Roman goddess
To wit: Mariah has a Roman-style chaise lounge in her kitchen because, she says, “I like to recline when I eat.”

Exactly how much of her cleavage is boob and how much is dollar bills


Whether or not she was drunk when she accepted an award from the Palm Springs International Film Festival
But she did use the attention to launch her own sparkling rosé, Angel, so we’ll take that as a “yeshhh.”

The $35 million insurance policy on her legs
Is she entering the Tour de France?

Why she thought we wouldn’t notice this photo she posted on Instagram was 17 years old
Though she captioned it “quality time with #dembabies” on Instagram in 2014, Mariah Nation had already seen that photo on Oprah… in 1997.

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

(Source: instagram.com/mariahcarey)

Why she calls wearing a gown and gloves on the subway “perfectly normal”
If Mimi says so…

The mystery of who the real Mariah is
Will she ever truly let down her guard (or her fan) and let the world see the real her? Let’s hope not!

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