Marc Jacobs Sells ‘Muscle Man Marc’ Doll

After appearing on South Park, designer Marc Jacobs re-creates his own character doll

Photo Courtesy of Marc Jacobs’ Facebook Page

Visionary. Businessman. Fashion risktaker. Plush doll? Yes, designer Marc Jacobs has been immortalized as a ‘Muscle Man Marc’ doll, which was featured in an episode of South Park last November.

The episode titled ‘1%’ had Muscle Man Marc, along with other plush toys like Polly Prissypants, comforting Cartman after scoring low on a fitness test and being mocked by his classmates. The designer was apparently so flattered by the appearance that he has now produced a 500-piece limited collection of the doll, which is being sold for $125 at Marc Jacobs stores and online.

This isn’t the designer’s first time getting involved with animation. Jacobs has also appeared on The Simpsons and even created a line of t-shirts back in February featuring South Park characters, to benefit NYU’s The Interdisciplinary Melanoma Cooperative Group. Though the plush doll only features his signature star tattoos (and super-buff upper body), Jacobs has real-life tattoos of both his Simpsons and South Park characters. If you had a cartoon character, wouldn’t you? – Christian Allaire