Mandy Moore Clears Up the Terrible Rumour Wilmer Valderrama Spread About Her

Clearing the air on some decades-old Wilmer Valderrama drama

Mandy Moore And Wilmer Valderrama

(Photo: Getty Images)

Way back in the misty past (2006) Wilmer Valderrama said something pretty high on the Ick Scale about his then-girlfriend, Mandy Moore. (Yes, they dated! That’s the ’00s for you.)

Speaking to Howard Stern (quelle surprise), Valderrama said that he’d taken Moore’s virginity. Bragging about taking a woman’s V-card is tacky and inappropriate enough, but the actor took it one step further with a seriously unnecessary American Pie reference.

“The sex with Mandy was good, but it wasn’t like warm apple pie,” he said in the radio interview. (BLEUGH)

Moore dated Valderrama between 2001 and 2002, when she was in her mid-teens and he was starring in the crazy popular That ’70s Show. At the time, Moore responded by telling ELLE that Valderrama, who she was no longer with, was flat-out lying and that what he said was “utterly tacky.” Ummmm, agreed.

And yet, 12 years later, here we are in some kind of time warp where Howard Stern is once again talking about Moore’s virginity. This time, at least, she’s actually part of the conversation. In an interview that aired on June 7, the now 34-year-old This Is Us star shared her side of the “scandal.”

Moore was 22 when Valderrama spewed this bit of TMI, and she says she called him up after it all came out:

“‘Where did this come from?'” she recalls asking him. “And I remember in the moment he tried to explain it away, that sort of he did get caught up, and like he maybe insinuated more than outright said it. And I was like, ‘No, you outright said it.'”

She went on to clarify a few details about their dating past…not that it was, is or ever should be anyone’s business.

“I met him at a photo shoot for like, some teen magazine, literally, when I was 15? 15! I was [pretty innocent!]. Never French kissed a boy. He was like my first real true boyfriend. [But] he did not [take my virginity].”

In the intervening years, Valderrama dated Demi Lovato for ages and Moore married and divorced signer Ryan Adams. Moore says she and Valderrama remain friendly—but not that tight, because of the virginity-taking drama.

“I moved past it now. I mean, this was like 2005 or something? We’re not that close, but we’re friendly. We have some mutual friends so yeah, we’ll see each other around every now and then. He came to my house a couple months ago, I had some friends over. I think he was [genuinely bummed about what happened] too. He’s a good guy, he really is.”


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