Madonna Plays Nice On Tour

The Queen of Pop alters her concert video, which featured controversial swastika imagery

Photo Courtesy of Universal Music Canada

We didn’t peg her as a gal who would back down! Madonna, the queen of pop (not to mention controversy), has altered one of her concert videos featuring controversial swastika imagery.

Featured in a performance of “Nobody Knows Me” during her tour’s European leg, a video projected a swastika onto the face of France’s National Front party leader Marine Le Pen. But after much outrage and heat from the party, Madonna released a re-cut version of the video at her Nice show on Tuesday, August 21, which shows a less-offensive question mark on Le Pen’s face instead. Is the Queen losing her edge, or did she go too far?

Famous for her boundary-pushing ways, Madonna is known to sport cone bras and advocate for her strong political opinions. If you’re hoping to catch some drama in Canada, you can see Madonna on September 1 at Quebec City’s the Plains of Abraham, where she will transform the former battle site into a full-on dance floor. – Christian Allaire