Ob-sessed With Cheryl Blossom? Us Too. Here's the Best of Madelaine Petsch's IG

She's literal fire

If you haven’t fallen for the red-headed beauty who is straight flames as Cheryl Blossom on Riverdale, prepare to be smitten. Hollywood newcomer Madelaine Petsch—if her IMDB is accurate, she had three minor roles total prior to being cast on the CW’s Archie comic book reboot, including one billed as “Current Girl #2″—is a natural as Riverdale’s queen bee but instead of playing the classic high school b*tch 100 percent of the time, Petsch is a master of nuance and oscillates seamlessly between plain awful and utterly sympathetic (but never without the delicious drama we love Riverdale for, thank god). But what do we *really* know about our new fave ginger? In honour of her 23rd birthday on August 18, we did a deep dive into Madelaine Petsch’s Instagram to find out more. Spoiler alert: she’s the cutest.

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