Made for each other

Made for Each Other
The inside story on style and the Academy Awards

Fashion expert Bronwyn Cosgrave has covered the Academy Awards for BBC TV and served as the London correspondent for Fashion File. With her new book, Made for Each Other, Cosgrave gives us the story behind more than seven decades of red carpet style.

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Flare: When did the Oscars become a fashion event?
Bronwyn Cosgrave: I think fashion has always been a hugely integral part of the Oscars. Hollywood has historically been an image and glamour factory. Stars were manufactured to be glamour icons bigger than fashion models.

F: Who are your red carpet favourites?
BC: Sharon Stone really flipped Hollywood from years of sober Armani, to Valentino and Vera Wang, she also really started the resurgence of great jewelry on the carpet when she showed up in Martin Katz estate jewelry for Basic Instinct. I’d say she a modern style icon. Nicole Kidman looks her best when she’s dressed by Galiano – the look is always edgy and spontaneous.

F: What makes for a winning red carpet look?
BC: A willingness to take risks. Elizabeth Taylor, for example, didn’t always look the best, but she took risks to maintain an image of being ‘fabulous’ for her public. These days, I’d say that Kate Winslet always makes an effort. A couple of years she went so far as to wear an independent American designer – a red dress with red hair on the red carpet. It was a bold choice.

F: Who will you have your eye on this year?
BC: I always think that Helen Mirren presents herself in a glamourous and age-appropriate way. She’s very well maintained and she has mastered the art of timeless chic. She always looks polished. I’m also going to have my eye of Penelope Cruz, who wore Chanel couture to the Golden Globes. I’m also looking forward to seeing what [former Sex and the City costume designer] Patricia Fields wears. 

– Kali Pearson