Loving Lenny

Loving Lenny
The sexiest man in rock starts a Love Revolution

PHOTO: David Hindley, EMI 2007

“Women are the most complex creatures on the planet,” explains rocker/lover Lenny Kravitz. It’s a day before his per-formance at the Grey Cup’s halftime show in Toronto and the Grammy winner is feeling sensitive. “As long as I live, I’ll learn something new about women every day.”

Judging by his latest disc, It Is Time for a Love Revolution, Lenny could give a few guys a pointer or two on his lessons learned. From songs such as “Let Love Rule” to “Stand by My Woman,” Kravitz has made it his MO to push sentiment without sap via guitar and vocals. Love Revolution continues on the same cool path, especially with a song as powerful as “Bring It On,” an anthem that dares to marry rock and religion (pushing lyrics that pipe, “I’m gonna fight my battle/Gonna praise my lord”).

Throughout the album (especially during two should-be singles “If You Want It” and “A New Door”), Kravitz says he wanted his main message to be filled with universal truths. “Practice loving yourself,” he presses. “It’s the only way you can be good to others.”

Although he admits he’s not an expert at relationships, his views on expressing amour do not fall into Josh Groban gush-ing territory. A standout track called “I’ll Be Waiting,” however (crafted with simple lyrics and his trademark soul-binding delivery), seems destined to make fans swoon.

The two women he does willingly gush about? Aretha Franklin (“I want to get in the studio with her and make a really raw soul record about her life today. I’d like to incorporate and express all the happiness and pain she’s been through in it”) and his 19-year-old daughter, Zoe. “My daughter is so cool. She’s acting, she’s studying at school, she’s doing her thing, and it’s all about what’s in her heart.”