Love, Match: Drake and Serena Are Our Fave New Power Couple

All the reasons why we're obsessed with this sports-show biz power pairing (Welcome to the world, #Derena)

Supportive possible-BF Drake looks on as Serena crushes it (Photo: Getty)

Supportive possible-BF Drake looks on as Serena crushes it (Photo: Getty)

Thanks to Victoria and David Beckham, we’re on year 16 of our obsession with sports-show biz power pairings. Piquing our interest these days is the alleged mixed doubles action between Toronto’s golden boy Drake and tennis superstar Serena Williams.

Between dreaming up Serena cameos in Drizzy videos and wondering if she leaves his tickets at will call under “Champagne Papi,” we confess to being fledgling Serake ’shippers. (Or is it Derena?) Let’s rewind to where it began…and where it’s going.

Little Brother?
Earlier this summer, Drake was repeatedly spotted in Serena’s cheering section, prompting a reporter to ask if he was Serena’s good luck charm (um, as if she needs one). Serena responded that she thinks of Drake more like a little brother. We thought that was a not-so-subtle nudge into the friend zone, but maybe she was just throwing gossip hounds off her scent. Until those make-out photos surfaced on TMZ, that is.

Grand Slam Fandom
Serena is in the midst of chasing another Serena Slam—four majors in a row—so she doesn’t have time for personal dramz. Some outlets are reporting that Serena is more focused on tennis than her dating game, which makes the pairing even more intriguing. An ambitious female champion keeping a famous rapper on the sidelines? We dig it.

#relationshipgoals meet #squadgoals
Think of the possible double dates these two could go on when they pool their list of close and personal (and famous) friends: dinner with Kim and Kanye, drinks with Chrissy Teigen and John Legend, yachting with Beyonce and Jay Z?

We’re not jealous or anything….

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