All Hail Lorde and Her Response to People's Unsolicited Acne Advice

Sometimes people just need to stfu, ya know? 

Lorde on acne advice: Singer Lorde looks serious and at the camera at an angle, wearing a glittery black shirt with a pointed white collar

(Photo: Getty Images)

While lying under the purplish hue of an acne-treating light, Lorde recently put the spotlight on the stupid things people say to those with problematic skin—and I am here. for. it.

“For real though, acne sucks. Know what also sucks? When you’ve had acne for years and years and years, done all the drugs, tried all the things and people are still like, ‘you know what worked for me is moisturizing,'” says Lorde, straight to the camera.

*insert eye roll emoji*

I’ve had problematic skin—to say the least—since I took my very first awkward steps into the terrifying world of adolescence. Like Lorde, I too tried everything from three-step drugstore regimes that promised to get my face “clean, clear and under control” to full-blown prescription meds that were strong enough to bleach all of the towels in my house. And yet, my skin still looked like the “before” pictures on Proactiv commercials.

As if having acne wasn’t enough, it seemed like everyone I met wanted to give me their hot tip for how to fix my face—and apparently, Lorde has heard the same.

In a recent series of Instagram videos uploaded to her story, Lorde listed off some of the unsolicited advice she’s received for her acne.

“Make a mask out of honey, greek yogurt and avocado. All you need to do is buy an apricot scrub. Coconut oil, the secret is coconut oil,” she said, rolling her eyes and sticking out her tongue in between each ridiculous suggestion. “And the very worst one of course is when people think you’re just dirty. ‘Do you wash your face?’ It’s like yes, I wash my face, I’m just genetically cursed.”

I get that the suggestions come from a good place, but for the record, unless you’re a dermatologist and I’m actually *asking* for recommendations for my skin, I don’t want to hear about how washing your face with a scrub brush got rid of your minimal acne. Randomly sharing your skincare solutions at the sight of my face just calls unwanted attention to my skin problems. Having acne isn’t like having food on my face, I don’t need other people to point it out and there isn’t always a quick fix. And let’s not forget, everyone’s skin is different. What works for you, may not work for me and what works for me, may not work for Lorde.

“For anyone out there who’s got bad skin—and actually bad skin, not just the kind of bad skin you can just use a fancy cream for for a few days and it’ll get better—I feel your pain,” said Lorde. “We’ll get there, we will. I promise.”


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