Liz Trinnear Opens Up About Her Mountaintop Wedding

The 29-year-old TV host jetted off to Jamaica for a pre-moon with her musician fiance before their rockin' wedding and gave us the deets

The fashionable and fab entertainment reporter traded the bright lights of the eTalk studio for the sandy beaches of the Riu Hotels and Resorts in Jamaica, with Wedding Vacations by Sunwing, for some much-needed pre-moon chill with her fiancé Nathaniel Motte, one-half of electropop duo 3OH!3. We got all the goss on Liz Trinnear‘s destination wedding and which Taylor Swift BFF might just perform at her nuptials.

We've got all the details on Liz Trinnear's wedding

Liz Trinnear and her fiance pose during their pre-moon in Jamaica (Photo: Camilla Pucholt)

How did Nathaniel pop the question?
We had just gotten off an airplane [after visiting London] and landed in France, where a lot of his family lives. I was wearing a grubby shirt with a coffee stain on it, no eyebrows on, [not] expecting anything and he was like, “Let’s go see my grandfather’s summer home before all the families go for vacation.” It’s just on the southwest coast of France and it’s unbelievable and it overlooks the ocean but we’ve been there a million times. So, we’re there and he [suggests taking] a photo for his parents so he sets up his phone and I didn’t see that he was pressing video instead of a photo and then he gets down on one knee; “Elizabeth Ann Trinnear…” and I was like “Shut up!” I was so blown away because I wasn’t expecting it and we’d already had just an incredible trip and then obviously this was like the cherry on the sundae. It was so incredible—I couldn’t have pictured it any other way.

That sounds like an amazing proposal! Have you decided where you’re getting married?
It’s [a] destination [wedding] for me and my family because my family is from Canada. His family is from France, coming into Colorado but he was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado so it’s part destination.

How have you found the experience of planning a destination wedding?
You know, it’s tough to have a destination wedding in the sense that you’re not there but for me, I’m the type of person that’s like, “Yes this, yes that, yes this, yes that.” It takes that whole contemplation thing out of it so you just have to decide and [do it]. And for me it’s been quite a treat because I’d go down there for a weekend and plan a bunch of stuff. It’s also such a special place. Boulder, Colorado is beautiful and incredible and I selfishly wanted all my guests to go and see it and that’s really where I fell in love with Nat, so I just needed my guests to see this beautiful land.

What can you tell us about the theme, style and colours you’re going for?
I just wanted to take advantage of Mother Nature so we’re getting married on Flagstaff Mountain, which is an outdoor amphitheatre and it’s in the rocks and it’s totally us. I plan on maybe having heels but then putting on my Nikes underneath because it’s just us. We’re just fun, easy and laid back so we wanted something non-traditional. We’re planning our wedding and looking at it as a big party; we’re not looking at it as just a wedding. We’ve been together seven years now and I think we just want something that our guests are going to like. I definitely want the dance floor to be open and we’ve got a couple of performances, so we’re excited.

We've got all the details on Liz Trinnear's wedding

(Photo: Camilla Pucholt)

As a former Much VJ, music is a big part of your life and your fiancé is a musician. Do you have any of the wedding songs sorted?
Nat is a ridiculously talented human being; he’s a writer, producer, musician extraordinaire, so there’s a song he wrote a few years ago for an artist named Max that’s such a beautiful song. I remember him playing it for me and me just being like, “Oh I just love it.” Our friend who wrote it with Nat is going to perform it.

A friend of his will be performing the song? Anyone we know?
I mean, Ed Sheeran offered in all honesty. He did offer to perform at our wedding and unfortunately scheduling did not work out. He’s in Toronto that day, which is totally by fluke. He said, “I think I’m in Colorado that date. If I’m there I’ll fly out and play for you guys.” We’ve had a friendship for the past six years so it was super nice and super lovely of him. I think that I’m an old soul and Nat’s an old soul too and [we] love Hall and Oates and Elvis Presley and the Beach Boys so we’re going to have an Oldies-meets-the-new-stuff [mix]. It’s going to be just a really fun time. I’m excited!

We've got all the details on Liz Trinnear's wedding

(Photo: Camilla Pucholt)

How you choose your dress? Did you know exactly what you wanted?
It’s funny because I never thought I was going to be the girl to have that moment because I get to I live in the luxury of being able to dress up and play dress up every single day [at work]—I’m so grateful for it—but deciding on one dress was actually more of a challenge than I thought it was going to be. Eventually I was just like this, this is it. I put it on and I think people are going to be very surprised by it because it’s not anything like my personality; it’s very classic, clean but it’s also part of me. I love Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn and that classic old Hollywood cinema so, for me, this dress is like this timeless piece.

You and your fiance are on a pre-moon in Jamaica. What’s the experience been like?
Oh we needed it. Both him and I have crazy hectic schedules; we are just always on the go. He’s in L.A. and I’m flying to New York; I’m flying the red eye to L.A. Meeting up with him in Toronto going to Colorado. We’re constantly travelling so for us to be able to truly take time in Jamaica with this laid-back culture, is so wonderful—especially before this busy time in our life. I mean the next few months for us means go-go-go and then we’re married! This has been exactly what we both needed whether we knew it or not.

Since you’ve been planning your own wedding, what advice would you give to brides who’ve just started to figure out their big day?
It’s really important to just stay positive throughout. I think any time that I was stressed out with things, whether it’s this table covering or [something else], I thought, just plan the party as a celebration. Don’t think of this as one moment in time or that it has to be the most perfect possible day. It’s the moments that aren’t perfect that make the moment.

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