Listen: Justin Bieber Dropped His New Single "Sorry" Early!

It's catchy as hell, folks

Full disclosure: I have never been a big Justin Bieber fan. I was too old to enjoy his teenage appeal and Jelena passed me by with barely a blip. But ever since I heard “Where Are Ü Now,” his trippy, earworm of a hit with Skrillex and Diplo last spring, I’ve become the kind of person who says, “Turn up that Bieber!” and listens to “What Do You Mean?” while car-dancing. He’s been teasing his newest single, “Sorry” on Twitter and Instagram all week (even tweeting that it could be his “best one yet”), promising to drop the Skrillex/Blood-collabo on Friday. Guess he couldn’t wait, because here it is. And I LOVE it. No shame, Justin’s new sound is fresh, highly dance-able and totally his own.

Listen now and try not to groove in your seat:

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