Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart Pissed Off A Lot of People With a Costume Suggestion

Promoting blackface is never a good look

Why is it so hard for celebrity humans (nevermind non-celebrity humans) to steer away from Halloween costumes that appropriate from other cultures—or are just straight-up racist? (May we remind you of 2016’s biggest fail: Hilary Duff’s pilgrim-native combo, with then-BF Jason Walsh.)

This weekend, Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart pissed off A LOT of people when she tweeted a photo of a potential Halloween lewk that involved blackface:

A screen gran of a Lili Reinhart tweet featuring a Halloween costume that looks to involve full-body blackface

Needless to say, Twitter users immediately (and rightfully) flagged the issue:

The Halloween-obsessed star has since deleted the tweet, and says she’s sorry:

It’s great that Lili made a swift and sincere-sounding apology for promoting a costume that involved blackface—and for more on why that look is insanely offensive, watch this vid—but what would have been even better is if she realized that she was being “racially insensitive” BEFORE posting the pic. Witnessing some of our favourite celebs make politically-incorrect costume gaffes has legit become one of the scariest parts of Halloween, and while we wish it would never happen again, we’re afraid to say it’s likely only a matter of time.

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