Everything That's Wrong with Lil Dicky's New Video (Kendall Jenner is the Least of It)

WTF is going on in this seriously messed-up vid?

Kendall Jenner posing in Lil Dicky and Chris Brown's new music video

(Photograph: Courtesy YouTube)

If you are like me and wish that Chris Brown would just disappear off the face of the earth forever, I have bad news: he is making new music.

Disgraced Brown is featured in rapper Lil Dicky’s new music video for the painfully terrible track, “Freaky Friday.” The song, which was inspired by the popular 2003 Lindsay Lohan remake of the 1976 film Freaky Friday, shows what happens after Lil Dicky wishes he was “somebody else,” and then wakes up in Brown’s body (as Brown wakes up in his).

If trading lives with Brown isn’t troublesome enough, the vid pokes fun at what Brown refers to as his “controversial past”—as well as guns, objectifying women and racism. (In case you forgot, Brown pleaded guilty to assaulting former girlfriend Rihanna back in 2009.) It also features some WTF celebrity cameos—including Kendall Jenner. Here, everything that’s wrong with the vid for “Freaky Friday.”

The racist undertones

It starts out with Lil Dicky ordering food at a Chinese restaurant, and asking the server what dish he should get. The elderly Asian man replies with a “yes” instead of answering Lil Dicky’s question, implying that he doesn’t actually speak English. While the racist trope (which isn’t new in Hollywood) sets the tone for the hella problematic vid, things only get worse from here. We then learn the waiter actually has special powers, and is responsible for switching Brown and Lil Dicky’s bodies. (A fortune cookie helps, too.)

The gun scene

Who on earth thought it was appropriate to show Brown—a man known for violent outbursts and breaking the law—HOLDING A GUN in a music video??? In a scene around the 2:40 mark, Brown (Lil Dicky, internally) is going through a bookshelf in his home when he stumbles across a handgun and picks it up. Did we forget that this dude reportedly threatened to kill Rihanna? And has also allegedly pulled a gun on another woman? *Shaking my head so hard it may fall off.*


Making fun of Brown’s “controversy”

Brown, trapped in Lil Dicky’s body, sings that he can go anywhere looking like the white rapper, and that “ain’t nobody judging for my controversial past.” Sorry that you feel people judge you for physically and verbally abusing women, Chris Brown—something you have been accused of doing multiple times. The song also nods to the “controversy” that Brown can’t get seem to escape in a scene at a night club at the 4:19 mark. Brown, still trapped in Lil Dicky’s body, smashes a bottle on the head of a male bouncer who won’t let him into a VIP area. Real funny joke you two, considering Brown also has been accused of violence against men. 

The objectification of women

Can 2018 be the year we stop referring to women as “hoes?” Not only do we watch Brown surrounded by half-naked models, in one lyric he sings, “got all these hoes in my DMs.” It’s ironic that Brown is portrayed as a much-coveted stud given the fact HE IS TERRIBLE TO WOMEN. You ain’t fooling no one, Chris Brown. 


The celeb cameos

Ok, why on earth are ANY stars supporting a project that features Chris Brown? At the 4:48 mark, Lil Dicky wakes up in Ed Sheeran’s body, and the red-headed Brit sings, “And now I’m in Ed Sheeran’s body. It’s way less cool than being Chris Brown was.” Lil Dicky then trades bodies with DJ Khaled (who recently worked with Rihanna) and Kendall Jenner, whose line is the very definition of cringe-worthy: “I’m Kendall Jenner, I got a vagina. I’m going to explore that right now.” Honestly, WTF guys? You should know better than this. Supporting an abuser isn’t cool (we’re also looking at you, Kim Kardashian-West).

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