Life of Kylie Is Here but Do We *Actually* Get to Know the Real Kylie Jenner?

We watched the premiere of Kylie's new reality show on the edge of our seat. Here's what we learned

Kylie Jenner, whose reality show Life of Kylie premiere airs August 6, taking a selfie wearing an off-the-shoulder top.

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Kylie Jenner is unlike most 19-year-olds *I’ve* ever known. She’s worth a reported $450 million and I doubt she’s washed her own hair in the last four years. But despite keeping herself firmly in the public eye by sharing daily selfies and sexy Snapchat vids, one gets the impression there’s a whole other Kylie (the “real” Kylie, perhaps) that only a precious few get to meet. So we were… hesitant to believe claims that her new reality show, Life of Kylie, would be the revealing look at the real girl behind the Kylie Jenner persona that was promised. I breathlessly watched the Life of Kylie premiere and was pleasantly surprised that the trailers weren’t a total tease. Here, the most relatable (and utterly unrelatable) moments, the best low-key shade (Mariah-level shade, y’all!) and more from the first episode of Life of Kylie. 

The Most Relatable Moment: When She Talks About Feeling Like An Outcast

“I have a soft spot for the outcasts because I was the outcast, I guess, in a lot of ways growing up,” she says. “I still feel like an outcast in different ways now, because I can’t relate to a lot of people. So, it’s like, this little world—I do feel like an outcast.” In the episode, Kylie also talks about how isolating her life can be—and has been from such a young age; the 19-year-old had to be homeschooled since she was working so much and then didn’t get to go to her prom. It may sound a wee bit dramatic now but remember prom? It was the literal only thing that mattered when you were 17. This scene made us a little sad for Kyles.

The Least Relatable Moment: When She Talks About How She Never Drives Her Lambo 

For the rest of us 99-percent kids, Kylie is referring to one of her fleet of luxury cars, a poor, neglected Lamborghini. I mean, I guess I do feel guilty when I don’t use my subway pass for a day…

Peak Kylie: When She Chooses a Prom Dress from Racks of Couture

Not a Jessica McClintock-esque mall find in sight!

The Sweetest Moment: When Kylie Agrees to Go to Prom With Albert, a Kid Who’s Been Bullied

It actually made me tear up when Kylie and Jordyn tell Albert’s mom over FaceTime that she’ll go to prom with him.

Best Low-Key Shade: It’s Tyga Shade, Of Course

When Kylie shows Jordyn a picture of a guy who wants to take her out on a blind date and says “he’s cuter than any guy I’ve ever dated.” Cough, Tyga, cough.

The Most Head-Turning Beauty Moment: It’s A Tie

I can’t choose between when she’s scrolling through her phone and eating McDonald’s fries with loooooong pierced nails, and when she sports a short, spiked, blonde wig for a photo shoot—for a gal who’s tried basically ever cut and colour under the sun, this was a lewk we hadn’t seen.

(Source: Giphy.com)

(Source: Giphy.com)

Who we want to see more of: Jordyn Woods!

She’s obviously a down-ass friend (not to mention super down-to-earth) and we love her because despite being besties with a crazy-famous gazillionaire, she works her butt off at her own career. Also, she’s charming and relatable AF, like when she says she’s never been in love. Awwwww.

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