Let's Unpack Amy Schumer's Reaction to Plus-Size Label

The actress took down Glamour for including her in its first plus-size only issue. But is it right to use that label on any woman, regardless of her size?

Firstly, her reaction, shared on Instagram, obvs:

amy schumer

For Amy Schumer, this is tame. You may recall her hilarious acceptance speech when she won Glamour’s Trailblazer award last year and confirmed that, despite all of the undue and mostly negative attention paid to her un-Hollywood body, she was doing just fine in the dudes department and could catch a d- whenever she wanted. Girl isn’t one to mince words and has already astutely summed up the insane double standard women have to contend with in her Emmy-nominated 12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer sketch.

But when that very same publication included Schumer as part of its first-ever plus-size issue, along with other impressive females like Adele, model Ashley Graham and Melissa McCarthy, without her knowledge or participation, she wasn’t sure if she approved of the message it was sending.

And yet, what do we make of her own message? Even if being a size 6 or 8 means plus-size to Glamour mag, and therefore to Glamour readers, if there’s nothing wrong with that, why does Schumer deem it “not cool” and “not glamourous?”

Maybe it’s label fatigue, pressure and straight-up irritation that women feel about having to fit into one category or another and the inability to just be their own size, without judgment. Maybe it’s because the threshold of what’s larger-than-average keeps diminishing, pushing an ever-impossible body image complex on women who aren’t comfortable being outspoken about their bodies. That takes time, confidence, maturity and a strong self-image.

Schumer herself doesn’t seem to agree that her curves would put her in the size-12 bracket where true (?) plus-size starts and even Glamour EIC Cindy Leive felt the need to respond on Twitter by saying that the magazine never actually did call her plus-size but included her 2015 cover story under the umbrella of Women Who Inspire because “her longtime message of body positivity—& talking back to body haters—IS inspiring.”

amy schumer

The discussion comes full circle and ends where it started, on social media. Is flying a kite the new mic drop?

amy schumer


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