Lena Dunham Writing Advice Book Worth $1 Million

The creator and star of the hit series Girls could land a book deal worth more than $1 million.

Image courtesy of Astral.

Lena Dunham—writer, director and star of HBO’s Girls—could possibly add another hyphen to her job title: best-selling author. Dunham has been shopping the U.S. rights to her own book of personal essays with bids starting at $1 million dollars according to Slate.com.

According to the online magazine, Dunham’s project is being marketed as a book of essays tentatively titled Not That Kind of Girl: Advice from Lena Dunham. The book will include accounts of losing her virginity, dieting, and advice on life, work and dating.

Will this solidify the idea that Dunham is “the voice of our generation,” like Hannah hopes to be one day? Maybe. Maybe not. Let’s just hope for the incredibly meta-moment of seeing Dunham’s book on advice-obsessed Shoshanna Shapiro’s shelves in future seasons. —Portia Baladad