Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and a Streaker Deliver Strange Moments At The MTV Europe Music Awards

Lady Gaga sports a statement making hat

Lady Gaga MTV Europe Music Awards 2011

Photo by Keystone Press

Drama was the name of the game at Sunday night’s MTV Europe Music Awards, held in Belfast, Ireland. Below, a few of our favourite eyebrow-raisers:

Lady Gaga swept the evening, winning for Best Female, Biggest Fans, Best Video and Best Song (both for “Born This Way”). The number of awards the singer took home was exceeded only by the number of over-the-top ensembles she wore: most memorably, she accepted the Best Female award from David Hasselhoff wearing a face-obscuring Philip Treacy hat and a silver dress that bore an uncanny resemblance to a satellite dish. More surprising than her characteristically crazy outfits, however, was her emotional reaction to the wins for “Born This Way.” “This is the single most important song that I’ve ever written, the single most important album and until now, the single most important moment,” she tearfully told the crowd.

Justin Bieber’s acceptance speech for Best Pop also took a bit of an emotional turn. “There’s been a lot of crap on the internet lately, but I’ve pulled through it,” he declared, referring to the baby mama drama that has plagued him over the past week. Further showing up his critics, Bieber also took home the EMA for Best Male. Luckily, a streaker was on hand to lighten the mood.

As Hayden Panettiere prepared to present the award for Best Song, a man ran onstage clad in nothing but his birthday suit. The incident was clearly staged – he and Panettiere launched into a scripted dialogue, and security didn’t arrive to forcibly escort him off the premises – but that didn’t really lessen the shock value.