Lady Gaga Joins The Blogosphere

Add GaGa's own Amen Fashion to your blog roll

Lady Gaga Joins Tumblr

Photo by amenfashion.tumblr.com

Pop superstar, style innovator, muse, gay rights advocate, former FLARE cover girl, and now fashion blogger? Last week, Gaga launched the blog Amen Fashion; an homage to the track Black Jesus + Amen Fashion from her latest album, featuring the icon herself in what appears to be personal snapshots of her infamously daring looks.  

The blog is on the Tumblr platform, making it that much easier for fans, or rather, Little Monsters, to re-blog and “heart” her avant-garde stylings pics. By using the mood-board like website, Gaga also appeals to a singularly fashion-obsessed community. With her collaborations with Nicola Formichetti have solidified her links to the haute-est designers, it remains to be seen how popular Lady Gaga will become in this decidedly indie community. — Emily Ramshaw