Lady Gaga: Her Eight Looks From New Music Video “Judas”

Lady Gaga unveils her new daring fashion moments in her new music video.

Modern-day music video master Lady Gaga released her second video from Born This Way, “Judas,” on May 5. Apparently that crucifix she ate in the “Alejandro” video didn’t satisfy her appetite for blasphemy. The video reimagines the 12 apostles as a biker gang, with Gaga as their bikini-clad designated dancer. While not on the same explosive level as “Bad Romance”’s polar-bear-fur train or “Telephone”’s pop-can curlers, her eight religiously referential costumes have moments of divine inspiration.

0:00: Hell’s Gagas

The high-priestess riding on the back of a motorcycle alongside John, Peter, Judas and the gang wears heart-shaped Lolitla glasses, an oversized gold crucifix, a sheer purple top, a royal purple cape and a gold crown of jewels. Her eye makeup is similar to Amy Winehouse’s signature cat eyes, but hey, at least she isn’t ripping off Madonna.

1:10: Bikini Gaga
Red is a good colour for religious commentary. Wearing just a crimson bikini with a gold cross on each cup, matching crimson fabric draped over her back half, and crimson knee-high boots, Gaga is perfectly styled for an apostle beach party.

1:30: Her Highness Gaga
Crowned by her own majestic hairstyle and wielding talon nails that make ’80s press-ons look modest, Gaga gives Kate Middleton some pointers in royal presence.

1:40: Gaga Casual

A leather jacket over a bikini-top and her hair wrapped up in a bandana may look familiar to Gaga-watchers. It’s similar to what the Lady wears when she’s just chilling, like when she flashed the middle finger at a New York Mets game last summer. Keeping with the theme, she accessorizes her bikini with a sparkly cross on each cup.

2:15: The Virgin Gaga

A baby blue shroud with dangling fringe is modest enough, except when paired with black-studded leather underwear, as Gaga opts for in this Virgin Mary-esque look.

3:22: Assasin Gaga

Wielding a gold gun loaded with lipstick as ammunition, Gaga probably would look more threatening if her green crushed velvet catsuit wasn’t so figure-flattering.

3:45: Tubtown Gaga
When you’re sharing a bath with two men, a black tube top, black leather underpants, and black nylons is modest.

3:46: Gaga de Milo

Striking a high-fashion pose on a rock poking out of the ocean, not even Gaga’s full-length black plether skirt and gold lamé shirt (complete with power-suit shoulder pads) can save her from a crashing tidal wave.

5:05: Do you take this Gaga

The bridal Gaga has the most avant garde look—love the black-banged, blonde-streaked hair. Alas, her appearance is cut short by a group stoning. And we thought online fashion commenters were harsh!