Kyra Kennedy Kicked Off Social Media By Her Dad

Even if you're a Kennedy, who was just on the cover of the NYT Thursday Styles edition, misbehaving online can land you in hot water with your pops

kyra kennedy


It turns out being born into a powerful family with generations of influence and riches does not protect you from being disciplined by your parents in a way that’s sooooo embarrassing.

Kyra Kennedy, the 20-year-old daughter of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. didn’t appreciate a New York Times article profiling Kennedy and her privileged pals, dubbing them the Snap Pack (you know the Rat Pack, Brat Pack, Frat Pack).

The friends featured in the piece are not just your average rich kids: we’re talking distant relatives of painter Henri Matisse and from-birth ties to worlds of fashion and music from NY to Paris. And, as most unbelievably wealthy 20-somethings would, they come off as spoiled and bratty and completely clueless about a world outside of their smartphone screens.

Andrew Warren, the 23-year-old fledgling designer at the centre of the piece, hit back at not the NYT writer Katherine Rosman, but at The Cut writer Allie Jones, who posted about the original article that poked fun at the most tone-deaf quotes from the group.

But Warren and Kennedy didn’t appreciate Jones’ commentary and took to her Instagram to blast her. Jones then wrote a follow-up post about how she was being cyber-bullied by rich twentysomethings (#boss) and then Papa Kennedy stepped in.



A rep for RFK Jr. told Page Six; “Mr. Kennedy has spoken to Kyra and informed his daughter that their family does not bully people. He has instructed her to shut down all of her social media accounts immediately.”

This isn’t the first time that Kennedy’s dad has taken issue with her online shares. Last summer, he reportedly told his daughter to tone down the skin-baring pics she was posting at the club, perched on balconies, standing in front of expensive cars and generally living the life of a socialite.

This time, she listened. Her Instagram account has been shut down. For now.


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