What Kylie's Summer Collection Reveals About Her New Lip Reality

A sneak peek at Summer x Kylie—which launches on Friday, July 13—is light on the Lip Kits, perhaps no surprise considering Kylie's recently deflated pout

@kyliejenner wearing the SUMMER PALETTE & TANGERINE lipstick launching July 13th!

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What does a Kylie Cosmetics launch look like in the new, post-lip filler era? Well, at first glance it’s exactly the same as a Kylie Cosmetics launch in the filler era. (And the key art for the collection, featuring Kylie wearing the new line, was definitely shot pre-dissolution). But there *are* some subtle differences—especially when it comes to the lip prods that launched her brand in the first place.

Kylie took to the social medias last night to share some fairly extensive sneak peaks of the new Kylie x Summer collection, launching July 13 (that’s this Friday, BTW!). It features a very warm orangey-reddy-coppery palette, packaged in the super-fun, red-and-yellow banana print cardboard that wraps the entire drop.


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The 20-year-old makeup mogul also showcased an expanded line of matte lipsticks, adding five shades to the brand’s current offering of three. The new additions are: “Nova,” “Miami,” “Boss,” “Vacay” and “Tangerine.”

5 matte lipstick shades for summer! launching July 13 at 3pm pst #Summer

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But whither the lip kits that made Kylie Cosmetics famous? After all, they’re how Jenner claimed (for.so.long) that she was able to achieve her very plumptious pout. Well, they’re still kicking around, but they’re definitely not the hero prods they once were. In fact, of the two lip kits (which include , for the uninitiated, a pencil and a liquid matte lippie), one is actually a re-issue of an older fan favourite, “Candy K,” done in a new “velvet” formula. The other lip kit is “On Wednesdays,” which as any Mean Girls fan knows, means it’s pink.

But the truly telling thing in this whole collection—and what it might have indicated about Kylie’s changing aesthetic re: lips—is that it has more glosses (three!) than it does lip kits. “Go Bananas,” “Chill Peel” and “Don’t Slip” are very pretty shades, that while holographic, are in no way the statement-makers that those lip kits used to be. Trust us: It’s v. v. v. hard to overdraw your lip line with a sparkly, sheer gloss.

The true test of this new era of Kylie, however, will come with her birthday collection. Dropping in August, it will mark her big 2-1, and who knows… perhaps also the lip kits making a permanent move into the archives?


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