Kristen Stewart Drops Out of Cali

The star pulls out of upcoming project

Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros

Photo Courtesy of eOne

Kristen Stewart has a new love interest – and no, it’s not with married director Rupert Sanders. The actress is set to play the girlfriend of Magic Mike’s Alex Pettyfer in her next film.

Stewart and Pettyfer will star opposite each other in Cali, the tale of a couple who fake their own death and sell a fake snuff film for cash. Stewart’s character, though, must then ‘rise from the dead’ to save the younger sister she left behind.

This is Stewart’s first career news following the scandalous affair between Stewart and Sanders, which outraged Team Edward earlier this week. While Stewart certainly isn’t wasting time finding a suitable new co-star, reclaiming the respect of the Twihards might take a little longer. – Christian Allaire

Stewart has since dropped out of the project, and has also cancelled her appearance at the upcoming On the Road premiere.