Kristen Bell Tweets Fashion, Hideaways + a Vegetarian Recipe

We caught up with December cover star Kristen Bell to ask her some questions before opening the floor up to FLARE readers and fans, here's what transpired.


Photo from our December issue by Yu Tsai

It’s not too often celebrities open up to the world, answering questions from their fans. Then again, Frozen and House of Lies star Kristen Bell (ahem, Veronica Mars!) isn’t your average celebrity. The humble actress took time from her busy schedule to catch up with FLARE on Twitter today and we couldn’t have been more delighted. With questions flying in from as far as Singapore and near as Montreal, we filtered through the noise and voiced queries from around the world—after getting our own in, of course.

From sharing a tasty vegetarian recipe to reciting her favourite designers and labels, Bell was on fire—and not of the Katniss Everdeen variety—heck, she even answered questions from the Twitter audience throughout our interview. But that’s not all, amid reminiscing past red carpet looks and dream costars, we uncovered the secret to how Bell successfully juggles a busy career and being a mother. Though, we can’t spoil it all for you, so go ahead and catch up below.

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