Kim K’s New Fragrances Just Launched and They’re Already Making Serious Bank

Her new KKW Beauty fragrances no doubt smell amaze, but we still live for Kim's seven eponymous perfumes from the early 2000s

Kim Kardashian in a black latex dress

(Photo: Getty Images)

I love 2017 Kim Kardashian West. She’s chic as hell, super hardworking (don’t @ me, you may not love the Kardashians but if you think they’re lazy, you’re not paying attention), filthy rich and her fam life is goals.

So, when she whines to her bestie Jonathan on KUWTK about how she just really needs to do her brows done as if that one act of self-care will save her life, she is me. When she unabashedly raves about how she just feels better/skinnier/cuter with a spray tan, I am her. She might be one of the most famous, and publicly scrutinized, women in the world, but she still manages to be relatable to a lot of people and for pulling that off, I have to wonder if she is some kind of sorcerer.

And despite how much I sometimes protest or resist the trends she inevitably starts, I pray at the alter of Kimmy K’s style. No matter how much I hate myself for it, she’s got me feeling some kind of way about heels and joggers. The Great Choker Revival of 2016 (which was led by Kim and her sisters, naturally) somehow possessed me to spend human dollars on what was no doubt craft store ribbon repackaged as a $30 necklace. And suddenly, I want witchy-long bleach blond hair.

Also: I’m sure she smells amazing! Like La Mer and the tears of an angel slathered on a bar of solid gold. I obviously hope to channel her success and sexiness into my own life with a little spritz of one of her three new KKW Fragrances. And so do about a hundred gazillion other people: Kim’s scents, Gardenia, Gardenia Citrus and Gardenia Oud, made approximately $10 million IN A SINGLE DAY, according to TMZ. Go Kimmy. That’ll buy a lot of Yeezys (jk, Kanye obviously gives her a hefty discount).

But, lest we forget, this is not Kimmy’s first fragrance rodeo. It’s her eighth!

Kim Kardashian poses with one of her first fragrances

(Photo: Getty Images)

Before 2017 Kim’s luxe eponymous scent—which will no doubt sell out in milliseconds to people who don’t care one iota what it actually smells like—there was scrappy, hustling, early aughts Kim who hawked seven budget-friendly perfumes with names like True Reflection and Glam (!). If you want to feel like you’ve time travelled to ’09, please enjoy her OG Kim Kardashian fragrances website that’s just been sitting there, untouched, on the world wide web like a time capsule. It’s truly a gift.

IMO, it’s this Kim, the one who stood in front of every step and repeat no matter what burger/premixed cocktail/video game was being promoted, that we need to appreciate most. She made deals, always said yes, showed up and served the Kim K. we never knew we needed but now don’t want to live without.

Without thirsty, fame-driven, 2009 Kim, there would be no present-day high priestess of chicness KKW. So, to her masterful skills of self-promotion, we tip our DASH beanies and spritz our vintage bottle of True Reflection.

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